Games that the MSX should have:

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Van miremare

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01-09-2008, 17:51

That "doom" for spectrum is very, very poor. I got that demo, and it's not near a finished game (lacks decent collision, no enemies, etc)

And remember, Spectrum video is faster than MSX1 or MSX2 video. We would need at least ADVRAM for that Sad

As for MSX games, I couldnt care less about RPGs - there are tons already. Same for shooters or tetris clones.

I agree, platform games (like Vampire Killer, the Cure, Contra, etc) are nice, and there are few games for MSX in that style (specially MSX2).

Some classics from other machines could be ported to MSX2, just choose the one you like Smile

I'm doing my part, this month I should release Atomix and Carmen San Diego (finally!) for MSX... both have temp pages (with screens) on my site.

If I get more free time - I just won a gaming festival with my PC game "Virtual Marbles" (Bola de Gude in portuguese) and I am veeeeeeeery busy right now with it - I'm certainly doing more stuff this year Smile

I thought msx had faster video than spectrum.!!!

Van jltursan

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01-09-2008, 20:20

Way slow if you use it as is used in the Spectrum (direct ports=crappy speed); but waaaay fast if you use the vdp the way it was designed. With some clever tricks you can achieve unveliebable results!


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02-09-2008, 00:11

I insist with AD&D from itellivision:
It is by far simpler than Rouge/Angband but keeps the basic idea of hunt/explore/be hunted

A very addictive game, relative simple to develop, that can be improved in graphic and music even on msx1 and become a new supergame...

A little bit like the game Intruder I did here

but with AD&D environment and real dungeons, objects to be collected, hints on monsters lurking in the shadows, limited ammos etc etc..

Van MäSäXi

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08-09-2008, 11:26

Old spanish 1984 game called FRED.

Nice old game, where our Indiana Jones style adventurer searchs treasures in pyramid or whatever ancient temple, dodging or shooting skeletons, mummies and funny big nosed ghosts!:P

Commodore version plays nice uptempo non-stop arrangement of High Noon theme (that western movie!) and I hope that tune can be arranged to MSX version too, Spectrum one is surely silent..... Haven´t played that uglier spectrum game but Commodore version looks pretty much SCREEN 1 stuff :) except it has smooth 4-way scrolling, but I can live with 4-way 8-pixel scroll. :)

If Spectrum version plays OK-ish (?), maybe Spectrum port with sprites used for our hero + non-stop PSG music? :)

Does anyone else know this wonderful "archeologist" (=steal-ancient-treasures) game? :)

Van MäSäXi

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08-09-2008, 11:50

Maybe Slotman could port Spectrum´s


Spectrum port is ok, as long as we can have PSG music (I prefer that lovely Commodore tune) and sound effects instead of BEEP. Thought use of sprites could be nice! ;)

In this game you are having a nightmare and you find yourself in your own house, except you are very small, even ordinary table is taller than you! You have to find the key to your alarm clock and wind it to make you wake up and go to work in time! What a Wonderful plot! :) You can even see YOURSELF sleeping in your bedroom....!

And here´s some Commodore screenshots, it´s exactly same as Spectrum original, except it uses sprites and there´s lovely and unforgettable SID theme music in Title screens and in demo mode. Spectrum has TWO different versions, both are same game, but title screen theme is different, first one plays popcorn and second version plays same tune as Commodore. (thought SID tune is much nicer to ears, of course:P)

Van viejo_archivero

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08-09-2008, 12:03

Fred is a nice game indeed Smile

Van MäSäXi

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09-09-2008, 10:40

well, at least two MSX´ers know Fred. Smile That´s a good start! Tongue

Van jltursan

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09-09-2008, 12:55

I'm afraid that most spanish users know well Fred as it was one of the first games of Paco Menendez (and friends), lead programmer of the late La Abadia del Crimen. A pity that there's no MSX version from this first game, just since the sequel Sir Fred, the team begin to program for the standard.

Van MäSäXi

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10-09-2008, 10:53

So now it´s time to make decent MSX version of FRED! Smile

Or do I have to dig my Commodore 64 which is hidden under all kind of junk to play Fred? I am not sure if I have C64 Fred cassette anymore thought.... Question Sad

Wanna play FRED on MSX!!

Van cesco

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10-09-2008, 15:27

I want a MSX game based on the LHC experiment... where the experiment goes wrong and we are all sucked into a gigantic black hole that transport ourselves in a different world, where there is a race of good guys and a race of bad guys that enslaves the good guys and make them fight one against the other in death battles, in a sort of giant Colosseum...

In this alternative world we could actually look like this:

hey... wait a minute... this is the main plot of "Another world" by Delphine software! oO OMG! EVERYTHING WAS ALREADY WRITTEN AND WE ARE ALL DOOMED oO oO oO

( BTW... too bad that the MSX doesn't have its version of Another world :P )

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