Introducing/what MSX do you use as your main machine today?

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Van meits

Scribe (6530)

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25-06-2016, 12:19

My desk is crammed with hardware. There's room for only one MSX and that's my turbo R ST with 512kB RAM, a European PSU and a PC diskdrive. Cartridges I use quite frequently are a Philips music module with 256kB RAM, a Moonsound, an FM-PAQ (I don't use the internal MSX-Music), a Megaflashrom SCC+ SD and a Sunrise CF interface.

The rest is in store but easy accessible.

The one chip MSX is the last in order I would connect. It works, but it is a weird thing. It has numerous flaws which I don't accept. It's handsome and small, but that's all :)

Van tfh

Prophet (3280)

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25-06-2016, 20:17

Haven't owned a real MSX anymore for over 10 years... Don't even have an MSX emulator installed anymore. Just lurk around here on the forum and sometimes watch a Youtube MSX thingie, and that's about it...

Van fernando.collazo.5682

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25-06-2016, 23:06

Until last month my main machine was a Turbo R ST, now I´m switching to my Zemmix Neo Br, and I´ll mod my msx1 Expert to MSX2+, perhaps it can be the main machine then. Cool

Van QBee Sam

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26-06-2016, 00:13

Turbo R GT, with the wonderful MegaFlashRom SCC.

Van Colemu

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26-06-2016, 12:57

Turbo-R ST, MegaFlashRom SCC+ 512k, V9990 Power Graph, OPL4 Shock Wave, Pana Amusement Cartridge Smile
Can't use all 4 carts as I don't have an Expander! Crying

Also have a Toshiba HX-10 for MSX 1 stuff. and a MFR SCC

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