Dead Sunrise IDE/RS232?

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Van gdx

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29-06-2016, 02:04

Thank you Marco, it's here:



By cons, there is no GAL program used for the RS-232.

Van tvalenca

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29-06-2016, 14:30

Yeah, @MSXPró himself don't have a Sunrise IDE+RS232. But since those programs were tested also on a IDE+RS232 model, they should work).

Since he created that page to show the reverse-engeneering work he had to do because sunrise folks didn't handle him the GAL programs (neither offered to send him programmed GALs to replace the blown ones) when he blew up his IDE, it's natural to have only the non-RS232 model documented. (actually, he blew both IDEs he had at the time while fixing the same computer, notice the pictures taken from the Altera CPLD on Carchano's Sunrise IDE clone, it literally blew up!)

Please note that I'm not taking sides here, but we can see he got awfully mad at Sunrise folks because of this.

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