Will this mod work for Panasonic FS-A1WX?

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Van Wierzbowsky

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20-12-2020, 12:58

There was an idea to install an additional diode bridge to have both phases contribute to the voltage output, but I decided not to do this. Seems that the mod works well without it. At least no one who did the mod complained so far.

Meits, thanks for the better photo, on my image the connections are not seen. However, using the 110v rated power cable with 220v may not be a good idea.

Van shaneo

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20-12-2020, 19:13

Ok does anyone have a picture of what wores would need to go where. I have a friend who would be able to do this mod for me
He has a lot of electronics experience etc

Van meits

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20-12-2020, 19:20

Due to some mixed content conflict between http and https which is blocked by chrome (i guess you use that), my picture on the previous page does not show.

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