Request of ide bios for msxdos2

Door sp4

Master (214)

afbeelding van sp4

05-02-2017, 10:16

Hi, I request a BIOS for an IDE controller for msxdos2.
Nobody can help me to find that?

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Van Robby

Master (217)

afbeelding van Robby

05-02-2017, 16:43

Google for sunrise ide bios.....
If that's what you want.

Van sp4

Master (214)

afbeelding van sp4

05-02-2017, 22:57

I found the follow schematic of IDE controller here --->
and I ask if that schematic can work for msx2 in enviroment msxdos2.
I ask also if this BIOS for IDE controller here ---> can work
or if is possible to modifield that for the schematic above.
Thank you.