New modern 1-chip MSX to be released this winter!

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15-08-2006, 22:57

It looks like they're going to release an MSX-on-a-chip this winter. It's a compact MSX2 with lots of neat features.

MSX2 hardware
Main RAM 256KB
Kanji ROM attachment
MSX-DOS2 compatible
PS/2 keyboard connector
2X USB connectors
MSX Joystick connector
2X MSX cartridge slots
SD/MMC card slot (instead of cassette/floppy drives)
Composite video output
S-video output
VGA output (for monitors)
2ch audio output (dual mono)
FPGA input/output (40 pin/10 pin)
USB terminal (for future expansion)
Arutera Cyclone FPGA EP1C12Q240C8
Arutera configuration ROM EPCS4
CD-ROM for MSX development incl. sample code included

Price: 19,800 yen (€133 / $170 USD)
Official Website

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15-08-2006, 23:00

Err thanks but...

Already posted about it
And someone beat you to it in the forums, too!

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