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Van ghost_jp

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21-04-2017, 08:57


Let me keep writing in English for all people here. Anyway I don't agree with your opinion, due to the following two points.

First, your purpose is to gather Japanese people to MRC? I don't think it is a solution for the issue we're discussing here. Why? It's obvious. I'm here. Naoki (N.I.) has been here before I was back. Madscient has also... etc. What happened? Nothing.

Second, I think ordinary Japanese people has already been pampered by push delivery such as twitter, or passive contents just like YouTube or Niconico. They would not turn back to here even if you made a little effort.

Oh sorry, I just have to go. I will write my own opinion later.

Van ghost_jp

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21-04-2017, 10:48

At first let me talk about my personal experience.

The reason why I began to regularly visit MRC, was somebody I didn't know posted topics for talking about my latest game development. I found one by myself via egosurfing, the other was told to me by a Spanish friend. Those made me very delighted. At first I had not intended to join in MSXdev. However, they changed my mind through talking in forum.

Well, what does my episode suggest?

Now I'm trying the same thing. Recently I posted a few news here from Japan as follows.

I expected, if somebody reading them here make some response against news sources, that might have the same effect as what happened on my own. Here is no result yet, but I would like to keep this activity for a while.

Keith56, you can almost perfectly use Japanese language. I wonder you will try the same thing with me. I'm sure four eyes and ears is better than two. Be aware! I never force anything to you. I myself enjoy this activity, not for somebody nor community but my own pleasure. And that will be a great pleasure of mine if somebody enjoys the same activity.

Van Pac

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21-04-2017, 11:02

ghost_jp wrote:

I can quite not understand what you guys expect from Japanese. Another way of saying my question is like this: why don't you ask the same thing to Korean people?

First of all, I speak for myself anyway I'm sure most of us feel the same way. Just in case, let me comment that this thread IS NOT a reproach, not a critique but simply we are looking for some answers if possible.

Just to put this in context, in the past while the MSX in Europe, America... got stuck (it's better to say dead commercially), in Japan the software and hardware catalogue kept growing and growing. We were so jealous at that time! Smile If you were lucky, the only way was import them but at prohibitive high prices. Then being Japan the cradle of MSX, you may understand why for us anything related to MSX in Japan was and is special. As Metalion pointed out quite rightly, we have been somehow orphans during years. Whether we like it or not somehow we had to learn to live without the Japanese MSX world.

Anyway that's not the point here. Maybe we are wrong, Probably the Japanese MSX community is not so numerous nor so active as we expect (my guess). Even we could state that Japanese MSX community has a different philoshopy about how to focuss their efforts to keep the MSX alive. Same happen with Korean MSX community, we know there are users even achieving incredible pieces of software&hardware but we normally have to do a lot of research to know about them.

In few words joining forces, receiving feedback each from other the MSX would be stronger. I hope this helps to understand a bit more our request.

keith56 wrote:

I think it would help if we made an effort to post new content in japanese in the existing forum on this site The last post in that forum was 26-09-2016, so its unlikely any Japanese speakers are going to come to this forum unless they have near perfect English

For that we would need someone for translating, in the past funkenko did the job (thank you again for your great work!), but we also need visitors of course.

Van madscient

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21-04-2017, 12:19

"Hunger" should be a great motivation for activities.
Most of Japanese MSXer might had felt enough satisfaction.

Van AxelStone

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21-04-2017, 12:22

ghost_jp wrote:

I can quite not understand what you guys expect from Japanese. Another way of saying my question is like this: why don't you ask the same thing to Korean people?

I'm sure we'd really love to contact with Korean MSX comunity, if there is any. The answer is simple: we are a small comunity and we'd really like to have a worldwide comunity with people from everywhere MSX is being used: Europe, America, Asia...

So there is no a real MSX comunity? It's sad since Japan is the reference talking about MSX (it's your creation Smile ). Perhaps comunity is hibernating waiting for something to wake up and create a similar site to and begin sharing your passion and knowledge Wink

Van evulopah

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21-04-2017, 12:28

Well, now that we are all talking Japanese here, I have a question for you guys.

Around 1992/1993 I had snailmail contact with MSX club GHQ and especially with Koji Hishida!

He gave me inside information from the MSX scene in Japan like Turbo-R GT is selling well, they enjoyed games en demos from ANMA and other Dutch groups, Konami quit making games for MSX etc etc

I kept him informed about the Dutch MSX scene, send him disks with demo's and music disks.

He also told me, he visited the Netherlands on 12 march 1993 @ Arjan Prosman's house (MSX Club Gouda).

My question is: do any of you guys know what happened to MSX club GHQ. I tried to find some social media from Koji Hishida but unfortunatly I can't find him. Our last letter is 15 years ago Smile

Van msd

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21-04-2017, 13:12

Maybe trough you can still find some Japanese users.

Van ghost_jp

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afbeelding van ghost_jp

21-04-2017, 16:28

evulopah wrote:

My question is: do any of you guys know what happened to MSX club GHQ. I tried to find some social media from Koji Hishida but unfortunatly I can't find him. Our last letter is 15 years ago Smile

Of course I remember the name of MSX club GHQ, but I'm sorry that I have no information to tell you about their current status.

Van tfh

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21-04-2017, 17:51

Metalion wrote:

And yet, I have never see any japanese reactions to a development from this side of the world. I mean, a pixel-scroll version of Nemesis ? with speech added by SCC sampling ? You would think that the japanese MSX fans would go wild about it (except if they already done it). Or at least that we would get some feedback from them ! ... But no. Only silence.

Well... I know for a fact that there is still some form of community in South Korea. Last year we had the new release of Salamander with smooth scroll, etc... And someone posted this in a forum in Korea:

This gave the MSX section in well over 400 visits from Korea within 24 hours.

So if someone wants to make a post that with a link to the new Nemesis1 release... (hint hint...).
I also get 100 - 200 visits every month through

Van Juanmi

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23-04-2017, 16:55

Every three months (more or less) there are meetings in Japan, in South Kanto. It would be interesting to be able to contact them and if possible see photos of those meetings and get some information.

Last meeting was on 26/02/2017

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