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25-06-2018, 08:58

Hello! I'm kind of a new user (signed up for the Dutch part of the forums two weeks ago or so but it doesn't seem very lively there at the moment Sad ) so I thought I'd introduce myself here aswell since the English boards seem to be where everyone is hanging out Smile

I got my first MSX computer a few weeks ago, kind of by accident (even though I have been interested in them for a while now). There's a retro computershop in my town but they only go as far back as the NES and the Sega Master System. I was talking to the owner's wife while I was there and she mentioned that they had this "strange computer" in storage that they didn't really know what it was. I instantly thought it might be an MSX computer and indeed, it was a Philips VG8020. Since they had no idea how much it was worth (they just do the popular stuff like Nintendo and Sega, really) I made them an offer the next day (after looking up similar systems online since despite being able to recognize an MSX computer I had never actually owned one) and now I have my first MSX machine Smile

It came with the instruction booklet (in Dutch LOL! ), a datasette, three cartridges and all the stuff needed to use it. First problem after I got home, some of the keys didn't work. So I instantly had to open the thing up to check what could be causing that. After clearing out a small dust village they keys are now all working fine though. I gave the whole thing a quick clean and it's in much better shape now Smile

Two reasons I got interested in MSX computers: Philips made them and me being from the Netherlands (and near the Eindhoven area which is where Philips is from) just made them very interesting to me. Aside from that there's the fact that I remember in my primary school, we had one MSX machine. I'm not entirely sure if it was the same Philips model as the one I have or something very similar, but I clearly remember the MSX keyboard layout and when I started reading about MSX computers a while back I've been wanting to have one (I'm really into retro computing at the moment, also got myself a bunch of Commodore computers a while back, I did notice right away that the build quality of the Philips machine is a lot better than that of the Commodore machines, they were truly made to be cheap oO )

I hope that I'll also be able to find out more about how to program for the MSX, I'm sure there's a lot of information about that available but I haven't been able to find a comrehensive guide yet (I'm just going to start off with Basic but I'd like to move on to something more powerful later to see if I can push the hardware a bit Smile ). I think ideally I would just develop on my Windows machine and then eventually transfer the software to the actual machine using some cartridge that allows me to use an SD-card, this is what I plan to do on my C64 (yes, also looking to write software for that thing but that seems easier because someone actually created an IDE that runs on Windows for C64 software, haven't been able to find anything like that for the MSX).

But anyway, this story is getting long, I hope to be able to geek out about MSX and other retro computer stuff here with fellow enthusiasts, learn a thing or two and just have a good time Big smile

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25-06-2018, 09:31

Hi, welcome to this community Smile
There are plenty of cartridges that have SD card implementations. Google for Carnivore2 or MSX Megaflashrom SCC+ SD or GR8NET, there are allot more, most of them have extra RAM memory expansions or similar. This is needed to run MSX-DOS 2 or Nextor (an improved version of DOS2) on a MSX 1 like your Philips. Most MSX2 machines have enough memory.
Have fun exploring these forums. Wink

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25-06-2018, 15:33


"OmaiGodman" wrote:

I think ideally I would just develop on my Windows machine and then eventually transfer the software to the actual machine using some cartridge that allows me to use an SD-card

There are several solutions for MSX.

Most developers program on PC and test on emulator but we must also test on a real MSX especially when we want push the hardware.

Van hamlet

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25-06-2018, 20:28

OmaiGodman wrote:

But anyway, this story is getting long...

Welcome OmaiGodman!
Sure this will be the just the beginning.

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25-06-2018, 21:45

Welcome to the forum Smile If you are curious about development, there's some tutorials floating around, and if you want to dev on PC and then transfer to MSX, you got the suggestions on previous posts, but from dev side you might want to try either the emulators as openMSX, or tools like in this thread, which actually also uses BlueMSX emulator for testing the software instantly. I think you are gonna have a lot of fun with that :)

Van OmaiGodman

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26-06-2018, 11:22

Thanks for the welcome Big smile If anyone knows a reliable place in the Netherlands to find an MSX2 computer I would love to hear it btw, Marktplaats (Dutch Ebay) is probably one of the worst websites in the world for buying or selling anything :/

I'll be looking into the flash cards after that probably, I've seen some of them before but I still have to figure out what the exact differences are between them but I guess it's mostly a matter of more expensive equals bigger feature set.

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26-06-2018, 12:21

Bas is very reliable:

Van sdsnatcher73

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26-06-2018, 14:43

I have 2 MSX2 machines for sale if you are interested. They are a VG8235 and an NMS8245. Both are in good state and have been fitted with a PC disk drive and the VG8235 also has a new ROM (to enable double sided operation). Feel free to contact me (through my profile)