Please help testing upcoming openMSX release!

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Van Bengalack

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22-05-2022, 19:08

Grauw wrote:

My profiler script works on breakpoints so it’s definitely not always executing.

In a number of my projects I have it running every time I test, and I don’t recall any debugger connection problems…

It's not persistent unfortunately. Right now, I tried to reproduce and now it accepts connections again - as was the case for a long time earlier - like all of 2020. It's just that once openmsx starts to deny connections from the debugger, I can always remedy it by not running scripts.

So, when this happens again, where should I look?

(a long time ago, I remember that the debugger was very slow to connect, and then there were lots of files somewhere that just needed to be deleted. let me know if there are tricks like that Smile )

Van Manuel

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15-11-2022, 00:23

I have tweaked the OSD menu lately. Mostly regarding long items, scrollbars and selection of machines and extensions.
And now I am looking for feedback. Can you help by trying out the latest development build?

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