Freedom Fighter - Rise of humans *WORK IN PROGRESS*

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Van Wolverine_nl

Paragon (1160)

afbeelding van Wolverine_nl

10-04-2020, 10:44

love this project! Good work, can't wait for the end result!

Van defdanny

Scribe (386)

afbeelding van defdanny

11-04-2020, 20:39

hey, that’s great news for your project. Sorry, I missed that post.
Keep on!

Van tfh

Prophet (3317)

afbeelding van tfh

08-05-2020, 20:41

Still no news from the MSXdev team? Smile

Van thegeps

Paragon (1175)

afbeelding van thegeps

09-05-2020, 17:38

Nope. I can try to send them another mail (last time their recipients were full). But coding is going on (almost finished). Musics too (I had all the songs for the 5 levels of the game, only title music, prologue and ending are missing).About graphics I have ready maps form level1 to level3. Sprites for level 1 and 2. And only the endlevel boss of level1. About Midlevel bosses (wich are sprites done) I have ready level 1 and 2. So are missing tiles and maps for level 4 and 5, sprites and attack patterns for level 3,4 and 5. Attack patterns for MidLevel bosses 3,4 and 5. Attack patterns and tiles for End level bosses 2,3,4,5. And all the screens for prologue story and epilogue story. If they don't fit the 128 Kb maybe I have to do a 256K megarom... LoL
I hope to do all in time for MSXdev. Else prologe and epilogue could be missing MSXdev and be added later...
There are also ready 2 secret of 3 (maybe 4, we will see...)
Intro is ready too, but title music is still missing (I'm waiting the music to release another video, but you can se a short hint of what I do looking here:

bug occour when playing level2 music

Van DanySoft

Champion (452)

afbeelding van DanySoft

13-05-2020, 12:23

thegeps wrote:

Aiming bullets added! Step by step I'm reaching the target Big smile
Enjoy the video (as usual set HD option on YouTube for proper framerate)

Did you plan to move the bullets to the target? Do you have the ASM source?
Put your source on this post!
We are very interesting for creating game for MSX.

(Because I not been able to move bullet to target in asm! oO )

DanySoft :)

Van thegeps

Paragon (1175)

afbeelding van thegeps

14-05-2020, 09:29

Yes, the bullets move to the target. The code is a bit long to put it here. First of all it decides randomly (but inside a range so it could be changed level by level) if during a frame a bullet is shot. Then it decides wich enemy (if there's one actually on the screen) will shot. So their coordinates are taken as starting point and stored in a variable (memory location) then they are compared to know wich is higher and lower in X and in Y and those information are stored to, so every frame we know what direction that specific bullet has. Then absolute difference from start point and target position are stored as well. From now on every frame, lower value of those differences has tobe subtracted from higher value and an increment (based to speed you decided, it can be 1 or 2 pixels) is added to that coordinate. When the result is equal or below zero (so the bullet had enough coordinate increment) then the same "sleed incrementam is added to other coordinate. I know you are italian and that you have problem with english language, so send me a mail, and I'll explain it in italian. Code will be available after MSXdev, anyway.

Van Grauw

Ascended (10711)

afbeelding van Grauw

14-05-2020, 16:15

There are two possible approaches, both start with a vector from the start to the destination (destination - start). Then either:

a. Normalise that vector to be a fixed-point direction vector and multiply it with the movement speed to get a step vector, then add the step vector to the position each frame. The normalisation involves two multiplications, a square root and a division, so it’s not the most efficient thing to do. But once a frame could be acceptable.


b. Use Bresenham's line algorithm to interpolate along a path in any direction. Bresenham is cheaper computationally, but the velocity is less controlled, as it always moves in multiples of either 1 pixel vertically or 1 pixels horizontally. So diagonal movement speed will actually be x1.414 of the intended speed.

Van thegeps

Paragon (1175)

afbeelding van thegeps

18-05-2020, 17:32

Well just an update so you'll know that project isn't abandoned!
Musicians are working well, the code is almost done (few things to add). Just have to draw ALL the graphics (tiles,sprites and bosses) for level 4 and 5 and level3 bosses (midlevel and endlevel). If I have enough time before the MsxDEV deadline (july, 31th) I'll add some graphics for prologue and epilogue else I'll do (anyway) after MsxDEV (so don't worry!)
As always set YouTube video settings on 720p50 and enjoy!

Van ray2day

Paladin (732)

afbeelding van ray2day

18-05-2020, 17:48

Good work!

Van tfh

Prophet (3317)

afbeelding van tfh

18-05-2020, 18:16

Love the intro & music Smile

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