[Selling] MSX Controllers (2 Joysticks + 1 Wireless Joypad)

Door Tarnyko

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23-04-2019, 15:40

Hi folks,

I am currently selling the following MSX controllers :
- 2 Mitsubishi ML-50JY Joysticks ;
- 1 Quickshot QS-127 Wireless Joypad ;

All these have been tested on a real MSX.
You may ask for details via PM ; pages are pretty precise, though.
Items are in France, I may ship in Europe ; not farther unless you PM me for discussion.

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Van Tarnyko

Resident (43)

afbeelding van Tarnyko

26-04-2019, 05:10

The items have been sold ; the offer is over.
Thanks for your attention.