MSXPi batch scam?

Door blackmsx

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26-05-2019, 18:34

Last January I become aware of a MSXPi batch through this very site.

I contacted the guy who was organising this (Erik Luppes, I believe) and sent the payment. Somehow I forgot about it until a month ago, so I wrote to this person to get an update about the batch.

He told me that due some administrative error on his side he forgot to ship my unit, and that he would ship it immediately and let me know the tracking. This was a month ago, and I've never heard from him again. Furthermore I send him two or three more emails, and there was no reply.

Has anybody else subscribe to this MSXPi batch? If so, did you received your unit?

I find the whole situation kind of LAME....

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Van hamlet

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26-05-2019, 22:27

What's this batch?
You mean the cartridge slot board for the RasPi?
I got it from Luppie in February at the fair.
Like most of us, Luppie does this not for profit, but as a service to the community. I'm sure something went wrong. Please write to him again.

Van blackmsx

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27-05-2019, 16:31

Yes, was the slot board for the Pi. A batch made by Victor Trucco supposedly? If I recall right, it was posted here in the news section back in January.

As I said before, he replied once telling me he had made a mistake and that he would send the unit asap, but this was a month ago. Since then I've sent him 2 or 3 emails without getting any response so far....

Van uberjack

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28-05-2019, 16:15

Not sure where you're located, but between US and Europe shipping can often take over a month - especially with economy shipping rates.

You might want to post this question in the Hardware forum.