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Van Maggoo

Paragon (1216)

afbeelding van Maggoo

06-06-2019, 12:47

That approach would actually work great if sprites were working independently from the vertical scroll register...

Cool effect tho


Enlighted (6914)

afbeelding van ARTRAG

06-06-2019, 23:35

True, this is another bad choice in the design of the V9938... Anyway, using software sprites reduced in slices it could work.
The math is tricky and the CPU load is high because the sprites have to be moved line by line, but it can be done...
Not sure about the final frame rate tho...


Enlighted (6914)

afbeelding van ARTRAG

07-06-2019, 19:54

Having had the chance to reopen the sources I've to add that slicing sprites is not a solution
The fact is that the raster trick will reuse at certain distances twice or three times a same line
The effect is terrible for foreground items and will happen both with software and hardware sprites
In addition as the background repeats cyclical towards the horizon, you will see replicated sprites in the far copies of the background texture

Van LeandroCorreia

Paladin (957)

afbeelding van LeandroCorreia

25-06-2019, 03:46

IMHO, the best 3D racing engine for the MSX1...


Van TheKid

Paragon (1238)

afbeelding van TheKid

25-06-2019, 07:44

Nah, I like trailblazer better Wink

Van edoz

Prophet (2458)

afbeelding van edoz

25-06-2019, 09:06

Nice idea for sure to have a cool racing game!

Van santiontanon

Paragon (1733)

afbeelding van santiontanon

26-06-2019, 06:08

Wow, That "Life on the fast lane" sure looks very smooth!!! Trailblazer is fine too, but it's much simpler, as there is no horizon bitmap, and no curves. So, it's a much simpler visual effect Smile I wonder how easy/hard would e be to extend it to include decorations on the side of the track (or if it'll be even possible)

Van wimpie3

Champion (434)

afbeelding van wimpie3

26-06-2019, 07:50

"Life on the fast lane" sure looks nice, will probably have been a very challenging game to program at that time. Perhaps an idea for the next MSXdev, @santionanon ?

Van santiontanon

Paragon (1733)

afbeelding van santiontanon

26-06-2019, 18:27

Haha, I already had a beginning of an idea for the next one. But this is definitively something intriguing, so, I'm always on time to switch to this idea Smile

Van zPasi

Champion (499)

afbeelding van zPasi

29-06-2019, 15:11

I made a demo thing with Fusion C:

It works in Screen 5, alternating two pages. Basically it just YMMMs the background, then adds the lane markings with HMMM. Then the rest of it (including the car) is done with LMMM with transparency, and pre-calculated (pseudo) 3D coordinates.

This is still buggy and crappy and the framerate is not impressive, but maybe something could be done this way.

If replaced the bulk YMMM with HMMMs only on the parts where required, might improve the framerate.

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