[WTB] NMS 8245

Door bitsofbas

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08-08-2019, 22:49

Hi guys, I'm looking for a Philips NMS 8245 to be shipped to Spain. Looking to spend up to €200 ( ex shipping ) depending on its condition. Thanks! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

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Van fragment

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09-08-2019, 21:32

Van bitsofbas

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10-08-2019, 00:37

Thanks man! Gonna check it out! ( waiting for amibay to approve my account! Argh! Can't respond, can't send PM's... )

Van rderooy

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10-08-2019, 10:47

Best place is probably marktplaats.nl as the Philips MSX systems were most common in the Netherlands. I don't see an 8245 listed currently, but there is a 8235, 8250 and 8280 in addition to various other MSX systems, games and peripherals.

Problem is that it is really meant for locals, so you would need to ask the seller if they will ship to Spain.

Van bitsofbas

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10-08-2019, 14:40

Cheers, yeah, I always keep an eye on Marktplaats ( I _am_ dutch actually, just living in Spain ) but it's been quite some time since I saw a nice one listed. And I am definitely looking for the 8245 model, not any the other ones, no matter how much I fancy them too!

Maar evengoed bedankt voor het meedenken! ;-)