Dingux OpenMSX

Door roo1234

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13-09-2019, 03:49

I have found the latesk 'OPK' version of openmsx for dingux, however there are no documentation on how to install it, location of bios, roms, etc.
The executable tries to run, but returns to the menu screen.
I'm using bittboy 3.5 CFW 4.2 which is supposed to be a port of dingux.

Can anyone help? Thanks

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Van Manuel

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13-09-2019, 22:12

Sure, the documentation is included and online as well:
- Installation: http://openmsx.org/manual/compile.html#installstandalone
- BIOS/ROMs is the same as Linux, see for example: http://openmsx.org/manual/setup.html#romlocation

IIRC, there should be a way to capture stdout/stderr... I'll ask mth.

Van mth

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13-09-2019, 23:03

Does that firmware support OPKs? There are handhelds that are advertised as OpenDingux but actually only use the OpenDIngux kernel and not the rootfs features such as OPK support. Even if your firmware does supports OPK, the rootfs might not be binary compatible with the GCW Zero, so it might only work if an OPK is built using the compiler toolchain for your firmware.

To test what is going on, either enable logging in your menu (if it supports that; gmenu2x does) or log in via ssh/telnet and start openMSX from there, using the "opkrun" utility.

If openMSX doesn't start, that's not due to a lack of BIOS ROMs, since it ships with C-BIOS inside the OPK.

Van Vampier

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14-09-2019, 07:10

a lot of these Chinese handhelds run a butchered version of open Dingux.

Van roo1234

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14-09-2019, 07:30

All other emulators in the system have no extension, they may be special compilations. I guess the OPK wont run (I removed the extension).

The log gives me:
/mnt/emus/openmsx/openmsx: line 3: hsqs(special chars)
/mnt/emus/openmsx/openmsx: line 1: syntax error: unterminated quoted string

Van mth

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15-09-2019, 22:22

"hsqs" is "sqsh" reversed (little endian), which is the squashfs header. So it seems your menu is trying to execute the OPK as if it is a script (it's not: squashfs is a file system image, somewhat like an ISO file).

I think that if you want to run openMSX on your device, you need someone to port it specifically to the Bittboy or even to the specific custom firmware.