Multiverse + FM-Towns Joypad

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23-12-2019, 01:15


I made a patch for Multiverse (by Hikaru Games) to assign the Select Key to display the menu.
Download link will be below soon when it is validated.

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Van hamlet

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23-12-2019, 11:38

Multiverse is a commercial title. The game has only been released on cartridge so far.
Of course everyone is free to make a copy from his own cartridge.
Please do not abuse this opportunity. Supports MSX game developers and does not use or distribute pirate copies.
Multiverse is one of the most exciting games of the last year, please make yourself happy and buy a copy at Hikaru Games.
Thanks for your patch, gdx!

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23-12-2019, 12:38

I got the game on cartridge - nice game, don't have much time for games but Multiverse was most played in 2019 Smile and i would like to play it with extra buttons with JoySNES but bothering with dumps is annoying. Which makes me think that for such a cases there might be a hardware solution developed - say, you insert a "patcher" into your MSX slot, then insert a real cartridge into a "patcher", and it will change the data read from cartridge at some addresses configured (flashed out to "patcher") before. Shouldn't be too complicated with FPGA (the only thing is that "patcher" probably should have a flatcable, because stacking cartridges one on other is inconvenient, so maybe the whole project could be based on MSX-Flex)

Just an idea. Also it could probably also incorporate some more features - f.e. changing port number - imagine you have two Wozblasters and would like to have second one work on ports C0-C3 (like DalSoRi which can be switched to those ports) - and you configure "patcher" to proxy any C0-C3 I/O to C4-C7 into the cartridge

Van gdx

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23-12-2019, 16:39

I hope that I will not encourage people to introduce the cartridge with the MSX on. Do not do that.

Van inspecteurZ

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29-12-2019, 15:56

Are Fm-Towns Joypads compatible with msx? I thought the pinout was different