MSX game at Bicrossers.

Door LeandroCorreia

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09-04-2020, 18:18

Hello, folks!

This is Bicrossers, a Toei tokusatsu that was also aired in Brazil. I recall at the time the hero brothers played a computer that looked like MSX, and now I know it is. At the beginning of the episode, a Sanyo PHC-30 is shown (2:36), but what's the game they're playing at 22:03?

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Van Sandy Brand

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11-04-2020, 10:59

Good find! Smile

It is obviously some Galaxian clone, but I am not quite sure which one.

Also, the frame-rate on that game seems rather low. Maybe it was a (custom) game done in basic?

Van LeandroCorreia

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11-04-2020, 16:10

It could be. Anyway, it made me curious...