Correct info about sprite priority?

Door Bengalack

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14-04-2020, 17:53

This page:

states: "< sprite number > is a number between 0 and 31 that specifies the display priority number of sprite. When the number is bigger, the sprite is displayed over the others."

But in the example below it is demonstrated the opposite. Sprite 0 is prioritized before sprite 1.


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Van Sandy Brand

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14-04-2020, 21:55

From memory (granted, a long time ago), I think the lower the number the higher priority, so the example is correct?

Van Grauw

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14-04-2020, 22:19

See Yamaha V9938 manual page 87 (PDF page 98).

Van mars2000you

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14-04-2020, 22:27

Wiki page fixed.

Van Bengalack

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15-04-2020, 19:35

Thumbs up! Smile