Plastic Repair?

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Door tech

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01-09-2020, 20:34

Hello Guys!

I have a number of old MSX computers and accessories and they show scratches and cuts in their plastic shells, like the one shown here.

I cleaned this FDD back cover using IPA and Windex, but it still shows marks. These marks are not dirts and residue, but scratches (shallow cuts) in the plastic itself.

Any idea how to recover this? I hope we share tips, techniques and chemicals to restore these gems.

Thank you.

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Van Wild_Penguin

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01-09-2020, 21:01

AFAIK really only feasible way to get away scratches from plastic is to sand and polish the surface. Start with something coarser (coarse enough to sand away the deepest cuts you want to get rid of) and gradually go towards something less abrasive. As a last step use something very very fine polishing paste, people have even used toothpaste.

However, be aware this will of course grind away some of the plastic. Any details might get lost, such as the sticker you have there (better protect it with something sturdy). I would consider if restoring the cosmetic condition this way is really worth it; you are risking to damage the plastic further. But maybe I'm just too cautious about inadvertently damaging retro gear...

Van meits

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01-09-2020, 21:59

check this and decide whether it's an option.
This guy goes to the extreme.

Van fenama

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16-09-2020, 17:33

Van tech

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26-09-2020, 03:49

Thank you all guys.

I got NOVUS 7136, which is a 3-steps plastic repair kit, from eBay. It almost did nothing to plastic shell in hand. So, I tried the synthetic sponge suggested by @fenama. It's called "the magic sponge" in my local market. The sponge did very well in cleaning the plastic throughly and even mitigate scratches. Here is the drive after cleaning:

Van albs_br

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26-09-2020, 05:17

It looks like brand new. Nice job.

Van Wild_Penguin

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26-09-2020, 11:57

Nice! Cool

Van sdsnatcher73

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26-09-2020, 14:11

Magic sponges ordered Wink

Van friguron

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27-09-2020, 01:30

WTF !! what is the black magic behind this product?

Van gdx

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27-09-2020, 02:13

Beautiful! Other sides must be more difficult to clean.

Van Wild_Penguin

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afbeelding van Wild_Penguin

27-09-2020, 09:56

friguron wrote:

WTF !! what is the black magic behind this product?

Not sure you actually want an answer of if that was rhetoric ;-) . Anyways, it's melamine sponge/foam. The sponge has very fine, but rough surface and breaks down when you rub something with it. Result: abrasion and polishing.

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