MSX T-Shirt

Door LeandroCorreia

Paladin (957)

afbeelding van LeandroCorreia

14-11-2020, 16:37

Since no one would do it for me, I decide to make an MSX T-shirt... Wink

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Van turbor

Hero (519)

afbeelding van turbor

14-11-2020, 21:55

Nice but I'm not sure I recognize all the titles.
And I like the font used Wink

Van LeandroCorreia

Paladin (957)

afbeelding van LeandroCorreia

16-11-2020, 14:54

I'm glad you liked it. Smile

Van hbarcellos

Hero (642)

afbeelding van hbarcellos

16-11-2020, 15:55

Nice design!!! and amazing quote!
The overall quality of the shirt (fabric, printing,...), unfortunately, doesn't look too good.
But, let me confess you something. I was trying to create one for my brand and it's damn hard to find a good supplier for that! I have tried several ones (I live em SP) and 99% of those just look like political disposable t-shirts that people use to clean the floor after using it just one time.
Something that also really annoys me is the quality of the collar. They all seem quick & dirty stitched with several imperfections on it.
I DO strongly believe that there's is a market for good quality products. For instance, I would pay R$ 99 for a top quality MSX shirt. But I WOULD NOT pay 19,99 for a crappy one.
Anyway, CONGRATULATIONS for the initiative and, please, let me know if you find a good, top quality, 100% cotton, nice stitched collars, t-shirt supplier here in our lovely country.

Van LeandroCorreia

Paladin (957)

afbeelding van LeandroCorreia

16-11-2020, 22:45

Thanks for the reply!

Actually fabric is quite good (surely on the same level of good brands) and it's stonewashed (colors are lost on purpose, but on the photo it just looks of bad quality). Print is digital silk (I hate transfer, it loses quality quickly after two or three washes) but I tried to use an scanline effect that looks perfect on screen, but not on a small size print. Smile