What would you like to find in a sequel of The Maze of Galious.

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Door Francisco Telle...

Expert (128)

afbeelding van Francisco Tellez de Meneses

02-01-2021, 19:10

Hello everyone,

Nenefranz and I are working in a MSX2 sequel of "The Maze of Galious". We would like to know your thoughts about what do you think we should include or discard.
What would you like to find in it? Any proposal or wish? Anything you didn't like we should not include?
Any oppinion will be very welcomed, don't hesitate to write down yout thoughts.

Please have a look at the project specs.

thank you!

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Van Manuel

Ascended (19676)

afbeelding van Manuel

02-01-2021, 19:18

I'd like the same game play, but a complete new design of content, i.e. new layout of castle and worlds, new enemies, new bosses. Small changes to affect side-gameplay is fine (i.e. how things work with the boss passwords or continues).

And I am one of the biggest MoG fans that exist Smile

Van tfh

Prophet (3422)

afbeelding van tfh

02-01-2021, 19:39

I'd love to see a level-editor so people can create their own levels. And SCC music, to get that Konami feeling Smile

Van sd_snatcher

Prophet (3675)

afbeelding van sd_snatcher

02-01-2021, 20:44

Coming from you and Nenefranz I'm pretty sure it will be a fantastic game! Smile

Since Knightmare had scroll and Maze of Galious didn't, I think that a mix of the two would be something in the lines of the Dragon Slayer IV for the Famicom/NES. It would be a good fresh take on the exploration/platform on the MSX platform. Compare it to the scroll-less MSX2 version to see that the scroll really adds to the gameplay.

But please don't worry to hide the panning borders on MSX2. It doesn't degrade the gameplay at all.

Some other considerations:

1) Just a single key doesn't feel too challenging. It's almost as if the doors are there just as a decoration then. Maybe multiple key/dor colors instead? Or some doors that open only on a specific direction like KV2?

2) Some puzzle-like areas like on "The Castle", KV2 or La-Mulana would be interesting. But not tooo many puzzles, since it isn't the only focus of this type of game.

3) A more varied soundrack than MoG has would be nice. Maybe different tracks per area of the castle.

4) A good story was always something very present on MSX games, specially in after the MegaROM and Disk era.

Van Dolphin101546015

Champion (336)

afbeelding van Dolphin101546015

02-01-2021, 21:13

I think it would be nice to make the stones moveable, so you can expand the game with puzzle elements, in which in some levels you need to lay out a passage with stones, filling the gap, and in others to build a ladder, etc.
Also, so that some artifact found would give such an opportunity.

Van sd_snatcher

Prophet (3675)

afbeelding van sd_snatcher

02-01-2021, 21:18

Movable rocks are really interesting. DS-IV also have them, and it requires an item and a specific character to be able to move them. Smile

Van ray2day

Paladin (752)

afbeelding van ray2day

02-01-2021, 21:47

Not necessary, we already have Shalom... and Caos Begins...

Van sdsnatcher73

Enlighted (4278)

afbeelding van sdsnatcher73

03-01-2021, 12:45

Oh wow, what an endeavor! This will always be a great game, and most likely better than Shalom but beating MoG itself may proof difficult (as our minds tend to cling to the great experience in our youth). Either way I look forward to it and will certainly purchase it!

Van ren

Paragon (1943)

afbeelding van ren

03-01-2021, 13:44

Some (wild) thoughts/ideas/suggestions:

* SCC musix Wink
* mood system (Ushas inspired) (+ the accompanying pitch/key change in bgm melody Wink)
* movable (and drop-able from edges) rocks came to mind here as well (puzzle element ala KV2 & Ushas);

  So yeah, perhaps a great opportunity to implement/integrate some cool elements from other (favored) Konami games? Smile

* perhaps some (multiple?) (sub-)plot(s), where e.g. mid-game Selene is captured and Pampas has to rescue her;
* / an advanced story line / game plot;
* in the original MoG you hardly needed Aphrodite - I guess most of us played with Popolon entirely;
* perhaps different paths/decisions to take, leading to different outcomes (and possibly different endings?);
* naming the game "Pampas" puts Selene in a disfavored position from the outset?
* RPG elements? (e.g. needing to be at a certain level to progress, some slight grinding might be necessary now & then, gear upgrades/configuration, etc.. Smile) (nothing too complicated though I think..);
* being able to combine Pampas's & Selene's strength(s) (to progress at points) (e.g. Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin);
* <> being able to quickly switch between characters instead of having to go through F1 menu;
* (> this could support / possibly amount to some interesting high-action gameplay: defeating some monsters with Pampas, then quickly switching to Selene dealing with some other monsters etc. Smile)
* (> in the same train of thought this could make boss battles really interesting as well!) (need to combine and/or alternate between both to deal with it (effectively) Smile)
* ...

@ray2day: awesome

Van Louthrax

Prophet (2492)

afbeelding van Louthrax

03-01-2021, 13:04

For me Maze of Galious was one the first "Metroidvania" style game. I can't help thinking about MoG when playing Symphony of the Night for example.

Interesting things to add in a new MoG release for me would be the possibility to equip different kind of weapons / armors / helmets (just like in SOTN), maybe have a "luck" factor to get some items from ennemies. That could increase the play time of the game a lot (just farming to get some rare items) ?

Weird that MoG is not even mentionned in the Metroidvania's wiki page: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Metroidvania

Van ro

Scribe (5057)

afbeelding van ro

03-01-2021, 13:05

A brave journey, topping MOG is hard. But, why not!

MOG has always been one of my fave games, it just so great. So, keep the game play and it's smoothness. The end bosses are fantastic, as is the music. Just a few simple tunes, but boy they get stuck in yer brain for ever. After 30 years, I can still whistle them as it where yesterday. Keep those great point in mind.

Here's a few things I'd like
- more RPG influences. You know, puzzles, sub quests, trading. But not too fancy with item building (I don't like complex inventory stuff I see in a lot of (non msx) rpg games)
- SCC music
- perhaps screen 4 with scroll (think Manbow, psychowold etc), or go further like Ys3 did.
- One castle, of perhaps a few (different themes)
- A simpler password thingy.... dunno, it's tricky (save game?)
- more "dark" stuff, MOG was bit to "happy" overal. meh
- interaction with the environment, yeah like movable objects for example

2cents, or perhaps 3.

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