Updates to MegaReport v1.3 wanted?

Door lintweaker

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27-01-2021, 16:53

I'd like to start this thread to get an idea if there is interest in an fixed and or updated MegaReport.
I've managed to get all my sources and make it build and run again.

- First release a quick update to v1.3 which can (better) handle empty or partially initialized RTCs
- Newer versions : add support for modern disk controllers and other hardware etc.

Let me know.

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Van Manuel

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27-01-2021, 17:04

It would be cool if it could output data to convert it to an openMSX hardware configuration file Smile Lots of stuff is detected in it.
It is potentially a good addition to the current MSX hardware reverse engineering tools.


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27-01-2021, 20:27

Indeed text output to file does not sound bad idea... I remember I was very impressed by this software in 90's and it is still quite amazing today. BTW is there any support for MSX1? I know that Quasar did not support MSX1, but I'm not sure about MegaReport it self. Smile

Some time ago I made this tiny "Localization info"-tool. (WebMSX-link). Maybe it gives you some ideas you want to adapt?

Van Randam

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27-01-2021, 21:26

Yeah that would be amazing if you updated the Megareport with new hardware and such. I always loved that part on the Quasars and how much it it could detect and find.

Van OeiOeiVogeltje

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27-01-2021, 21:25

what is it?


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27-01-2021, 22:07

OeiOeiVogeltje wrote:

what is it?

It is a program that puts your computer to a washing machine and then back to drying. It tears and rips every bit of your computer inside out and then throws all the facts to your face with nice UI and cute fonts... If you are fan of modern benchmark tools, then this is pretty much as close as you can get on MSX. Smile

Van lintweaker

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28-01-2021, 08:05

To react to some of the questions:
- MegaReport is modular so a different output then to the screen is possible to create
- As for MSX1 support, MegaReport currently outputs to screen 7. A MSX1 compatible output should be possible. I have to check if the detection part runs on MSX1 or modification is needed.

My prio list for changes would be:
1. handle partially/uninitialized RTC
2. Make DOS version
3. Start adding support for newer hardware (would not mind receiving code for that Big smile )
4. Add other outputs then screen 7