Help with Snatcher (Advice or save file)

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05-03-2021, 12:26

I'm trying to complete Snatcher and have got to a point where it's just not doing what it's supposed to. I'm on act 2 and have just got the Chinese note, which I've shown to Harry and now need to call Napoleon about. But when I call him, it just says the line is busy. There should be a scene where you don't get through and then you see a picture of the doorman from Outer Heaven - as seen in this youtube walkthrough - but it just doesn't trigger.

I've tried everything I can including making the call from other locations and going back to previous areas and just interacting with everything to see if there's a flag I haven't passed, but nothing seems to help.

Does anyone know what I should do? Alternatively, if anyone has a save file just after this part, that would really help me! Thanks.

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05-03-2021, 13:11

Never mind! There was one tiny little thing I hadn't done, which seems to have lifted the flag.