The Mexican Runner: Retro Game Gauntlet 2

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Door Manuel

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20-04-2021, 21:47

The famous and very skilled speed runner The Mexican Runner (a.k.a. TMR) is at it again: after doing Retro Game Gauntlet 1 from September 2018 to January 2020, he's going for the next season!

But what is it?

It's a challenge for himself to play one single random game of each platform that's participating. But, due to donations and subscribes (this is all happening on Twitch), games can be added.

Most of the games were never played by TMR before and he has to find out first how it works.

In RGG season 1, the following MSX games were completed (see
Zanac A.I.
Avenger: The Way of the Tiger II
Mr. Ghost
Knight Lore
Basket Master
Deep Forest

He's currently almost done with C64, NES will be after that and then... MSX!

Please enjoy and perhaps we can even participate to make him and his viewers (sometimes up to 1000) enjoy more great MSX games!

Oh, to give an idea about TMR's skill: yesterday he played H.E.R.O. (C64) for the first time and completely mastered the game in about 3 hours.... I find that incredibly impressive, myself.

TMR on Twitch:

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Van sergarbes

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22-04-2021, 19:49

Let's see him

Big smile Big smile Big smile

Van Manuel

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10-11-2021, 10:33

OK, he now finally managed to complete C64, after beating 277 C64 games.... (yes, I said before he was ALMOST done with C64... 7 months ago!) He's now into NES, but after that, MSX will start!

Stats on current RGG2:

The MSX games list he will be using is discussed on Discord and it's now generated from the Generation MSX database.

Van Manuel

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17-11-2021, 22:51

TMR has reached the MSX section! First game he rolled is very fortunate: The Treasure of Uşas!

Van Manuel

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18-11-2021, 21:37

Van defdanny

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18-11-2021, 22:12

He had some trouble getting started with OpenMSX. Tongue

Van Manuel

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21-11-2021, 00:02

Usas finished. There appears to be a very nasty 'elevator' near the exit of stage 5-3 (if I'm correct). That took quite some time.
And in the stream before that, there was a glitch in a boss fight: the left part of the wall contained a hole and the complete boss (the ground eating one) disappeared through it! I had never seen that before. Tough luck. Bug in the game? Or in C-BIOS (which he was using at the time) or openMSX? I guess we'll never know. The next time he tried it was fine, so it wasn't apparently easily reproducible.

He finished Contra in 35 minutes in one go, without having ever played the MSX version... nice.

Unfortunately, he dropped Vampire Killer. Quite disappointing, but understandable when you think about the goal of RGG2 (get platforms done as quickly as possible and that means sometimes skipping larger or frustrating games).

If you want him to play more MSX games and with that do some MSX promotion, support him with $$ on the stream... in the meantime I'm doing my best to explain as much as possible about MSX to the viewers, when I'm there. (Unfortunately most streams are during the European week day and thus I will be at work at these times.)

Van ren

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21-11-2021, 02:10

Manuel wrote:

Bug in the game? Or in C-BIOS (which he was using at the time) or openMSX?

Bug in the patch? (perhaps)

Van Manuel

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24-11-2021, 19:45

OK, he finished Space Manbow in under 1 hour and Penguin Adventure in less than 4 hours, without any cheats whatsoever.....
Donate now to keep MSX alive!

Van Manuel

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24-11-2021, 21:45

Too late, MSX is over...

Van friguron

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26-11-2021, 03:40

In Penguin Adventure did he just reached the GOAL to see how the princess had already died?
Or did he even do the F1 key trick to see the good ending?

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