National CF3000 Questions.

Door Kostek2005

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03-06-2021, 13:56

Any of you have Msx National CF3000?
I have a problem that I have a CF3000 but no keyboard.
When I start my computer in basic, strange things start to happen.
It looks like the keys on the keyboard are being pressed.
Games using the joystick work fine.
Could someone with Cf3000 boot without keyboard connected and tell me what's going on?

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Van bsittler

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03-06-2021, 19:31

I have one and will try this. IIRC in this device the PPI directly interfaces to the keyboard at TTL levels (no pull-up resistors!) so disconnected keyboard/high-impedance is bad news. A 20 pin ribbon cable should be easily adaptable into a "no keys pressed" adapter though

Van sdsnatcher73

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25-06-2021, 15:15

I got one and indeed it needs the keyboard connected otherwise it gives random (well it seems always the same) input. Machine is not usable without the keyboard.

Van gdx

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25-06-2021, 15:56

The next two pages give a different pinout.

We would have to be determined whether one of the two is correct.