Newbie at MSX :-)

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20-06-2007, 01:18

Hello all!

Now that I have (almost) completed my msx2+ system, it's time to introduce my self. My given name is Dimitris. I'm from Greece, 28 years old.Me and a friend have a computer shop and currently I'm trying to close a deal to buy a rock bar from it's previous owner :-) My first computer was an Amstrad CPC6128 (very popular here) which my dad bought me back in 1985 and the first 2 years I used it mainly for (what else?) gaming. I programmed a lot of basic and a tiny bit of assembly but the thing that I liked the most, was music. It first began with small basic programming and then a bunch of trackers! But CPC wasn't enough for music (only PSG, almost no sampling and small memory) so I only used keyboards until 1994 that I got my first PC. Now I use cubase and fl studio for a small new wave/electro/gothic group we have. My interest in MSX started through Prodatron's great project, the SymbOS. At SymbOS mailing list, I was reading about the MSX and I felt that I must learn why all the fuss is about for this platform. I've spent many hours reading about the technology, the various models, the huge range of expansions and I found it very interesting! That's it! I bought the Panasonic MSX2+ A1WX. It was the first computer that unscrew it and started working with the soldering iron on it before I even plug it in to see if it was working! I think that spending so much time, customizing, modding and upgrading a machine, not with expansion cards but with a bunch of DIY guides, electronic parts and a soldering iron, gives it a personal touch, something that you like working on it because you also contribute to it's creation! As Prodatron says (and I agree fully with him) it's the best Z80 based machine ever built! Anyway, I enjoy very much what I saw until now and I think that I'll have lots of fun with it!

Best regards!

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20-06-2007, 12:32

Welcome! Smile

Your band sounds interesting too! Maybe we can exchange demo's and even gigs in the future.