MSX Music for Noobs Tutorial?

Door 3rdman

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09-07-2021, 21:49

Hello all! I've fallen in love(again) with my Sony MSX2+ and I've been using it quite a bit lately. I've recently managed to hack a cart to act as an SCC cart for various reasons which lead me to this post...

I want a collection of music and players that I can play off my machine but I'm having real difficulty getting some things to play. Also, ideally, I'd much prefer to have a file browser as player. I found a couple of nice browsers but only managed to run one type of music file.

All in all, I am a total noob there a tutorial I can read somewhere? Any advice?

Thanks for your time.

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Van ToriHino

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09-07-2021, 22:44

To start with a collection of music you can try RoboPlay. It offers playback for a lot of music formats, all played back on either OPL4 or SCC. There is also a starter pack, containing a very large collection of supported music files. The latest version of RoboPlay can be downloaded from this location.

The player is MSX-DOS based so you will need that. Can be started either directly from the command line or using a file browser like MultiMente.

Note that you currently do need an OPL4 cartridge for RoboPlay since it uses the timer of it (even when playing SCC).

Another great player is VGMPlay which plays .VGM files on quite a number of different sound chips. This is also a MSX-DOS based command line player.

Van 3rdman

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11-07-2021, 04:36

Ive been messing with a variety of players and like MPX the most so far. One issue though...every time I try to play an OPX file, the system freezes. Any ideas?

Van Pac

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11-07-2021, 13:48

If I'm not wrong, there are two versions of the OPX driver and files are not compatible with each other. Probably that's the problem.

Van 3rdman

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11-07-2021, 20:44

Apparently ive got very 2.45 of the opx driver...may I ask where I can find the other version of the driver?