Gelatino 2 - MSX1 arcade game

Gelatino 2 - MSX1 arcade game

van ro op 08-11-2021, 11:28
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The game studio Physical Dreams is working on their new title Gelatino 2 as follow-up of their earlier work. This MSX1 arcade game will be available on cartridge at the end of 2021, the perfect x-mas gift.

Under the name Physical Dreams, the Spanish 8-bit designer José Luis Salguero is working like a locomotive on fire and creates one game after another. We have seen quality titles such as Zorrico, Paco El Bombas, Alien Confination, Tere Kinesis, and Gelatino from the studio, and the latter game gets a follow-up. Gelatino 2 is in the making.

If you are familiar with his games, you know Gelatino 2 is going to be colorful, with smooth gameplay and swinging PSG tunes. His arcade games stick to that consistent format, why should this one be any different? The code-o-holic has more titles under construction at this moment, this year's x-mas is gonna be a treat. Yes, mam!

For more information about Physical Dreams and Gelatino 2, visit their Facebook page, or contact the studio via

Relevant link: Youtube trailer

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Van Rataplan

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08-11-2021, 12:19

Wow, that certainly looks mindblowing for MSX1 standards... congratulations so far!

Van TheKid

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afbeelding van TheKid

08-11-2021, 16:25

Yeah, looks realy nice and the psg song sounds awesome Wink

Van valkyre

Hero (611)

afbeelding van valkyre

08-11-2021, 19:10

Looks good. I want a copy!

Van thegeps

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afbeelding van thegeps

08-11-2021, 22:26

Yep, Jose does quality games Smile

Van PingPong

Prophet (3901)

afbeelding van PingPong

09-11-2021, 12:14


Yeah, looks realy nice and the psg song sounds awesome

Where did you hear the psg sound? in the trailer the music is far beyond what the PSG can do...

Van gdx

Enlighted (5697)

afbeelding van gdx

09-11-2021, 13:05

Why not ゼラチノ?

Van Over Wiz

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afbeelding van Over Wiz

09-11-2021, 21:21

Looks very good, its a must have to mi MSX

Van albs_br

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afbeelding van albs_br

09-11-2021, 22:14

Really impressive!! This one goes straight to the list of best MSX1 graphics. Music also awesome.

Van Salguero

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afbeelding van Salguero

11-11-2021, 23:46

Here you have the trailer of the game, with 2 real music from the game, although it has more themes! The presale isn't open yet, but it won't take long to open. For any questions, send an email to: A big greeting !!
Gameplay Trailer - Gelatino 2

Van hbarcellos

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afbeelding van hbarcellos

12-11-2021, 00:36

Reminds me of James Pond (Amiga)...

Van valkyre

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afbeelding van valkyre

12-11-2021, 20:51

I want this in my msx on Christmas day!

Van M-A-D-M-A-X

Expert (117)

afbeelding van M-A-D-M-A-X

18-11-2021, 08:42

Nice Smile