name of the game

Door PingPong

Prophet (3998)

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09-11-2021, 23:45

Hi, all. does it know what is the game giving these hints?

Main view: Bird view.
Scroll tile based, partial screen at 16x16 pixels
Main charater: a girl
while walking on the main view you occasionally fight with some monsters, by changing the view from map to horizontal.
The game uses sw sprites during the fight scenes, for the main charater and for mosters, both huge

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Van inspecteurZ

Resident (44)

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10-11-2021, 00:35

War of the dead

Van PingPong

Prophet (3998)

afbeelding van PingPong

10-11-2021, 17:08

Thanks, is it! an interesting game because it achieve a decent frame rate with big monsters.
And there are a lot of big mosters.