The Dam Busters

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28-12-2021, 03:17

Has anyone ever made it to the dams on Dam Busters? It's one of the hardest games ever made for MSX.
I can't even take off from the ground properly, when playing Squadron Leader option.
Appreciate any help.

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Paragon (1206)

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28-12-2021, 17:35

for me, it's a dark and fascinating game. While you are flying, you feel a sense of fear, not only from the outdoors in the dark but also from the sounds.
Btw, I reached and saw The Dam only one time in my playlife, but I missed the right time to drop the bomb and then crashed to the ground.

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28-12-2021, 19:11

I agree with you, it's a game that brings a dark but amazing atmosphere. Too bad it's too difficult.