MSXBlog - MSXGotY 2021 results

MSXBlog - MSXGotY 2021 results

van ro op 15-02-2022, 10:06
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The annual MSX Game Of The Year rewards has concluded with Westen House by Braingames as the overall winner. The MSXGotY is hosted by the MSXBlog from Konamito.

As has been the tradition for a long time at MSXBlog - at the end of a year it is time to review the video games that have been released for the MSX system during the last 12 months. The public has the power to choose the game that deserves to be considered the "game of the year", or MSXGotY.

The list of nominations for games published between January 1 2021 and December 31 2021, reached almost 100 candidates. A fabulous amount of MSX releases. Voters had the opportunity to cast their fave 5 games from that list between January 8th and February 8, 2022. With 73 votes in total, the results just got in.

Here's the top-3.

  1. Westen House - Braingames (39 votes).
  2. Mutants from the Deep - Locomalito (35 votes).
  3. The Fall of Prometheus - Mystery Labs (25 votes).

Congratulations to winner Santi Ontañón of Braingames for his excellent game Westenhouse. An adventure wrapped in a halo of mystery and isometric perspective. For the complete list of winners, check out the results page.

While not all games can shine at the top of the GotY list, every little piece of Z80 game pleasure is worth checking out. We can only appreciate the hard work that developers have put in last year, it is an amazing list. For sure.

Relevant link: MSXblog MSXGotY 2021

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Van Gig71

Expert (78)

afbeelding van Gig71

15-02-2022, 12:59

Beutiful Games!
congratulation to developers!

Van gdx

Enlighted (6125)

afbeelding van gdx

16-02-2022, 02:41

The intention is commendable but the list of nominations is a little strange. It contains demos, short BASIC programs, games that are not 2021 and good games of 2021 are missing. I started putting order in the list (below) but to talk about it but I did not have time to finish it. In short, I find that there should have been categories or at least choose one. Did the judges have access to all paid games for example?

- Aerial
- Alien Attack
- Alien Confination
- Arm Wrestler
- Arno Dash
- Arya
- AY-Tunes
- Bad Apple
- Battlot
- Block Breaker
- Blockbuster
- Bomber Battle
- Bookworm
- Bootskell by Inufuto
- CatArTSyS
- CAVIT by Inufuto
- Conclave of Darklord
- Crazyjump by Juan Carlos Jurado
- Cross Bomber
- Cross Shoot
- Cross Snake
- Cybernoid
- Do The Same
- Dynamite Go! Go!
- Ele Land
- Fantastic Football
- FlyGuy
- Frogger’s Adventures
- Gelatino 2
- Heart Stealer 2
- Impetus
- Jumping Llama
- Kiwi Khaos
- Klondike Solitaire
- La Scommesa
- LOGIC Remastered
- Mahjong Solitaire
- Make Them Fall
- Make Them Jump
- Market Master
- MinQ
- Monster On The Run
- Mutants from the Deep
- Neuras
- No Back Down
- Open Wide!
- PAC-01 by ARC8
- Paco El Bombas 2 by Physical Dreams
- Paco El Bombas Redux by Physical Dreams
- PickinX by Amaury Carvalho
- Pippo La Scopa Ficcanaso by GAMECAST Entertainment
- Pitman by Under4Mhz
- Puzzy Box by GAMECAST Entertainment
- Pyramid Warp enhanced+
- Raven by ARC8
- Reflexion by Jipe
- Ruptus by Inufuto
- S.o.L.o. by Roolando Mulder
- SD Sniper by Kirem
- Sensha Game by Ochixn
- Sky Jaguar 2 by Demon Videogames
- Snatcher ACT 3 by Delta Soft
- Souls Keeper by Oniric Factor
- Sudden Burst by Víctor Marzo & David Martínez Armesto
- Super Mario World by Noramos
- Square Ball by Ray2Day
- Step by Uninteresting
- T Game 4 by Ochixn
- Tere-Kinesis by Physical Dreams
- The Fall of Prometheus
- The Store Keeper
- Thoth’s Curse
- Tool Blocks by Ray2Day
- Tortilla Sunrise by Tortilla Yonkers
- Ueumi by Ochixn
- Westen House by Brain Games
- Where Is it? The Quest For the 10th Island
- XOR2021 by Timmy
- Zombie Calavera Prologue by Nanochess
- Zorrico EX by Physical Dreams

BASIC 10 Liner Contest:

- 10 Lines Hero (Extreme-256)
- Archer10 (Extreme-256)
- BeastBAS (Extreme-256)
- Brain Breaking Balls (Extreme-256)
- Connect 4 (Extreme-256)
- Crafty Bear (Pur-120)
- Freefall (Extreme-256)
- Freeway (Extreme-256)
- Olympic Games 2021 (Pur-80)
- Orbit Simulator (Schau)
- ORIGM (Extreme-256)
- Pinball (Extreme-256)
- Simple COVID-19 Simulator (Schau)
- The Nurse (Extreme-256)
- Troubled River (Extreme-256)
- Virus (Extreme-256)
- Volleyring by Nick Shcherbyna (Extreme-256)
- Who Killed the Count of Roquefort (Extreme-256)

- Theatre MSX: Dance with Me by Keeekn
- Theatre MSX: Laputa by Keeekn

Van santiontanon

Paragon (1771)

afbeelding van santiontanon

16-02-2022, 16:24

Nice! Very happy that people thought so well of Westen House!! Big smile

gdx: the way it worked is as follows: Konamito opened a period of "nominations", and people could submit candidates. Only those that people submitted are in the list. If there is a missing game, it's just that no one submitted a nomination. After nominations were closed, anyone could vote, and each email address counted as one vote. So, it's basically up to whoever voted, as there were no specific "judges".

Van wolf_

Ambassador_ (10096)

afbeelding van wolf_

25-02-2022, 10:32

I actually like this idea of annual awards, kind of like the Oscars. More categories perhaps for next year. Hannibal