Flashjacks firmware updated to Ver. 2.0

van Pac op 26-02-2022, 17:34
Onderwerp: Hardware

The Flashjacks cartridge by MRC user Aquijacks received a firmware update:

V2.0 (26/02/2022).

  • Added WAV playback function in PCM and ADPCM formats. It allows playing songs, pausing, stopping, etc from the FWAV program.
  • Song trigger system is added by changes in memory position. This allows you to swap game songs for WAVs at will.
  • Fixed PSG bug remaining activated in certain situations indefinitely (e.g Aleste 2).
  • Fixed reset bug. The reset pulse is lengthened so that the audio chips reset correctly, avoiding artifacts.
  • Fixed another reset bug. While on reset the Flashjacks RAM is disconnected from the MSX refreshes and doing the minimum vital refresh to avoid data loss.

Relevant link: video tutorial (Spanish language)

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Van Pencioner

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afbeelding van Pencioner

26-02-2022, 21:44

Indirectly controlled playlist to substitute the in-game music with WAVs is very clever idea. I hope there would be more packs for other games available, like the one for Penguin Adventure. Didn't try it myself yet (covid makes me really tired all the time and weak), other day i would try it right now but i'll wait a few days. But from my understanding this feature are very interesting if it gets some more custom in-game playlists from people Smile Also, the idea itself - brilliant, Antonio!

Van ro

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afbeelding van ro

27-02-2022, 10:59

As this is such a wonderful device, but not for sale.. perhaps the community can step up and have this publicly available. There's plenty of hardware gurus and sellers around. Which makes me wonder why there's so little collaboration (or at least that's what it looks like to me).

So, how many AJ devices are around? a few?

Van Pablibiris

Paragon (1834)

afbeelding van Pablibiris

27-02-2022, 11:09

Awesome, Aquijacks!
My beloved Gradius 2 now is a "new" game Smile
Congratulations for this great work!

Van gdx

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afbeelding van gdx

27-02-2022, 13:00

Take care, Pencioner!

Van Parn

Paladin (854)

afbeelding van Parn

28-02-2022, 11:28

I wish you get better soon, Pencioner! Covid is no joke.

Incidentally, I'm curious about the Flashjacks. How many cartridges were produced? How many people have one of these cartridges?

Van Aquijacks

Champion (301)

afbeelding van Aquijacks

28-02-2022, 19:07

Few units are in circulation. It is a personal project of great proportions. More than 3000h of programming and synthesis and a decade of designs.
At the moment I allow myself the license to keep this project private.
It is possible that one day I will publish the source of this project but for now I reserve that license.

Van gdx

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afbeelding van gdx

18-03-2022, 11:13

WAV playback function is impressive.


Van journey

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afbeelding van journey

27-05-2022, 10:00

Personally tried on MSXVR (I don't own the unreachable Flashjacks)

Will be fantastic to have same work for games as Ys 1-2-3, SD Snatcher, Valis 2, ecc....

Van iamweasel2

Paladin (722)

afbeelding van iamweasel2

05-06-2022, 19:27

Are the game packs available? Is it possible to those that dont own a flashjack or a MSXVR to try it using a MSX emulator?