Help with Carnivore 2 + CF card and real disk drive

Door mcolom

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11-04-2022, 21:43

Hi all,

I need some help with Carnivore 2 and a real disk drive.

I'm using the Carnivore 2 with a CF card with 4 partitions of 4 GB each, on a real HB-F1XDmk2. To have them available at startup, I have added the following to AUTOEXEC.BAT:
mapdrv B: 2 1 1-1
mapdrv C: 3 1 1-1
mapdrv D: 4 1 1-1
(unit A: is the first partition, but it's added automatically). It works perfectly.

Perhaps it's a newbie question, but... how do I access the real disk drive now?
Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

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Van djh1697

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16-04-2022, 14:58

I *think* it depends on which slot the C2 is in and the disk drive is in. The disk drive would be the drive following the drives on the CF card in your case drive E: I have not used my MSX disk drive for a long time.

Van sdsnatcher73

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16-04-2022, 15:46

Your real disk drive was B: (before you ran MAPDRV commands). So change your MAPDRV commands to start from C: and you can access the disk drive using B:

Van mcolom

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16-04-2022, 16:40

Indeed, changing MAPDRV to start at C: solved the problem and now I can access the unit.
Thanks a lot djh1697 and sdsnatcher73 for your help! Smile)