Panasonic FS-A1F and 128kb RAM upgrade

Door Alexey

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15-04-2022, 18:22

I ran into a weird problem after upgrading the Panasonic A1F board to 128kb. TestRam and MemTest show no issues, but TestMap shows this error:

Did anyone else see this problem? Is there an additional jumper that needs to be set? I checked a few tutorials and, acording to them, no other modification other than installing 2 RAM chips and 2 capacitors are needed. The board is the same as in the Wii article:

If DOS2 is started from Carnivore2, testing the internal mapper doesn't show any errors. This is really weird.

Any thoughts?

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Van sdsnatcher73

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16-04-2022, 07:16

Please note that the issue is actually not a result of the memory upgrade. The unmodified 64kB machine also has this issue! It’s still very interesting to figure out what is happening here…