[WTS] MSXVR red with added items (slot covers with doors and sony style cursors)

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08-06-2022, 22:35


Since I have my MsxVR stored and I'm not using it (when not in use, always in it's box), I think it's better to let it go and offer it to anyone who wants to give it a new home :-)

This is the red version, it has all white serigraphy in perfect state and case is well made without any imperfection noticeable.
It has also both slot covers, designed to clip and be sturdy and have doors to open/close, all in red color.
It also has the 3D printed sony style cursors, but I also include original philips style cursos, as default MSXVR does

I have box, manual, cables, all in perfect state, and also it's microsd 32gb card with last version of MSXVR System available. I have also the programming book, but as it's in spanish, I won't include it in the box unless new owner wants it, to save on shipping cost

Computer has original warranty seal intact, so if there is any need to request warranty in the future, this will be possible

I have put in the bottom several felt feet to avoid scratching the botton with the table, and letting some air flow as ventilation, as you can see in the photos

I'm selling it for 350euros, but seller will cover aditional costs (shipping, customs and paypal commision if buyer wants to use it without send as friends)

WARNING -----------------
This is NOT an MSX computer, but a raspberry pi cased with mechanical keyboard executing a custom made user interface to launch an MSX emulator very based on already existent emulators (it does all MSX machines with all hardware extensions, including SCC, FM, Moonsound and V9990) and can run games in cartidge format (but has problem with hardware expansions used in the slots...)

It has some other emulators (spectrum, amstrad, C64, GameGear, MasterSystem) and some utilties, but I do not like them... please check online about what MSXVR computers can do, I've done extensive reports on MSXVR computer (but in spanish, i'm sorry... it's a spanish weekly videopodcast), you can find them in the AmigaWave Youtuve Channel (search for MSXVR, all made this year)

Feel free to ask any question :-)


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01-07-2022, 10:48


I want to add that i have a v9990 game from Kai Software: Myths & Dragons, that i could include with the MSXVR computer for 50 euros more

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03-07-2022, 13:27

i dont see your email please contact me...

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07-07-2022, 18:56

MSXVR already reserved for japanretroCT

Van htdreams

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25-07-2022, 02:14

Computer is again available for anyone interested, and price dropped to 325 euros plus shipping :-)

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27-07-2022, 11:53

I have express my interest on Spanish forum

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