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09-08-2022, 16:48

I think the article in "PC Active" (NL) is obviously the one on

The article is quite short. The first paragraph reads...

"In PC-Active 325 lees je in een interessante workshop hoe je een MSX-computer kunt maken met een Raspberry Pi. Daarin staat ook veel commandotaal, waarvan je hier ook delen ziet staan. Om deze gemakkelijk over te nemen, staan de grote lappen commando's hieronder om te kopieren en plakken".

This is just saying that there was a workshop in a previous issue (325) about how to make an MSX computer with a Raspberry Pi. There were lots of Linux Shell commands (commandotaal) in this workshop. Some or most of them are in the article linked to above (waarvan je hier ook delen ziet staan), so you can copy and paste them (kopieren en plakken).

Of course, you don't copy and paste the following Dutch language lines of text...

"Het tweede deel staat in de rechterkolom op pagina 65:"

"De laatste grote lap tekst staat op pagina 66:"

I don't think this will work though, because surely ALL the Linux Shell commands are needed to make it work. Anyway, it seems you need to read the first article as well! It seems the original article is only in the printed magazine, which is the HCC members' magazine. "PC Active" (NL) isn't available on the multilingual magazine site , but some other Dutch computer magazines are available on there.

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