Shalom MSX walkthrough

Door Vahan

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22-09-2022, 19:02

Hey everyone, I just wrote a walkthrough for Shalom. I have submitted it to GameFAQs, and I am now waiting for it to be posted there. In the meantime, I have uploaded it to Scribd.

I'd imagine that I probably got some things wrong. Feedback is always welcome so that I can correct any mistakes in a future update. I have some questions, too, that I would like to ask:

1) When is the earliest you can get the letter inside the fountain to help out the Mermaid And Triton, as well as get the Ship from the Mermaid & Triton's son?

2) Is there really no way to defeat Agol first and then Lana next?

3) What were the original Japanese names in Staff Island? The translation instead says things like NT00003E07, NT00003E08, and NT00003E09.

4) What were the names of the nine people who save your progress? I just found out that they were named after the Seibu Lions baseball team.

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Van Hydragon

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22-09-2022, 21:36

Ey Vahan, is it ok if I upload this walkthrough also to CheatMSX ?

Van Vahan

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22-09-2022, 22:03

Please do.

Van Hydragon

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23-09-2022, 12:59

can you mail the file to , would be much appreciated. I'll make sure, it gets added.

Van Vahan

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23-09-2022, 18:36

Just sent. So anyone have the answers to my questions and other feedback?

Van Hydragon

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27-09-2022, 09:25

Thanks it has been added and can be found on:

Van ro

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27-09-2022, 10:09

nice one.
Shalom is one the few (konami) games I never really played, let alone finish it. And I still regret that. This might as well a good moment to restore that mistake.

Van Randam

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27-09-2022, 15:51

Answers to your questions (just from memory because I can almost dream it seeing how much I played it in Japanese):

1) AFAIK the moment you have talked to the mermaid on Amnesia. And the ship the moment you have been to the bottom of the mermaid lake and did the important stuff there. Then just return to the little island where you get the ship. I don't think you need to go to the triton dude in between even.
2) Yes it is perfectly possible to do Agol before Lana. It is quite easy actually because the trigger to do Lana is a LOT harder than to get Agol. A very common order of defeating Shalom back before people had an English version or knew enough Japanese was 1,2,3,5,7. 4,6 and 8 were the hard ones to trigger.
3) Those were last names or abbreviations/ nicknames of theirs. The credits for the game are:

Ryouhei Shogaki (game concept and probably more)
Shuko Iwamoto
Takemasa Miyoshi
Iku Mizutani
Kazuhio Uehara
Kinuyo Yamashita (at least tune 15)
Miki Higashino (at least tune 18)
Yoshinori Sasaki
Akihiko Nagata
Hiroyuki Fukui
Katsuya Nagae
Masahiko Ozawa
Toshinari Oka
Chie Kajikawa

Aside from that: you talk about a pitchfork somewhere but it is a dowsing rod. If you use it on a specific tile in the screen where the boy has fainted water will appear. You can do that the moment you have the dowsing rod. No talking in between is needed.

Betty is said to go back home, but she is never seen back in the game again.

You sort of say it/ not say it, but if you get Amnesia on Amnesia island, you have to go back to Gunus on island 2 to get cured. Also a good way of recognising the hole for boss 3 is that it is the only screen on that island with just one hole.

Slaying the 4th boss is not the trigger for being able to go to Popolon and Aphrodite. Probably it is more like having have talked to (enough people) on the top left island.

You don't warn that if Arthur doesn't warn you at the holes on reset island NOT to enter the holes. If you do, the game resets! Hence the name. Also you could say what the use of the cloak is (lose less health after being hit by a boss; optional item)

The part near boss 5 and using the moles around there should not be glitchy in Japanese. I played it a LOT and never had trouble in that way. If you had problems there, it might have been config problems or a slight bug from a translation. I don't know why you at this part don't go into the "dungeon" where Dante and boss 5 are. Normally this is the next step and afterwards the witch in the desert since she is boss 6 (but bosses can be defeated in different orders in Shalom).

Then there is a question that has plagued me for forever. If you get the WRONG diamond and use that in the ending, you get to something of a purgatory. You are in a place that runs through forever and ever and you can find a person there. I have not found a way out of there. It almost feels like you should be able to get away from there and correct your mistake. Has anybody tried that and figured it out?

Van wimpie3

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27-09-2022, 19:36

A complete solution for the English version is published in my book Konami's MSX Legacy. I have never found a way to get out of the endless loop. First you are in water, next in a desert, and you end up in a black area with the text "I feel immersed in evil."

Van Vahan

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27-09-2022, 22:04

Thanks so much, Randam. It could be that some of the passwords when you save the game after the sand storm are glitchy. That's probably the reason for this. That was what I used.

And this is a flaw with early adventure games much like this one and StarTropics on the NES: You have to have talked to enough people in order to be able to advance the story. Like, you have to talk to people who tell you about a boss or a puzzle, otherwise, you can't do the boss or puzzle.

Back to Shalom, I don't think storytelling in video games prior to its release had gotten this deep (it had only been two years since Super Mario Bros. was released, and so far, there had been two Dragon Quest games, with a third one on the horizon). I especially like Lana's backstory when you fight her.