system time/time since start in openMSX debugger

Door RvS

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13-10-2022, 20:00

I have been using openMSX and the debugger to check on a tape loading routine.
Both openMSX and the debugger are very handy, but I miss a show 'emulation time' function.
Is there a way to show the time passed since start in the debugger or console?

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Van wouter_

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13-10-2022, 20:18

It's possible in the console via the commands:

machine_info time for the time MSX specific time (e.g. stops ticking when emulation is paused, ticks faster when emulation speed is set higher than 100%)
openmsx_info realtime for host time (constant rate, keeps ticking when emulation is paused)

Alternatively you can see the machine-time in the info-panel (enable via the command toggle_info_panel). Or it's shown in the reversebar (hover the mouse over the reverse-bar, default near the top of the screen).

Van RvS

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14-10-2022, 08:15

This is exactly what I was looking for!
Thank you.