[WTB] OPL4 compatible

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Van giuseve

Paladin (787)

afbeelding van giuseve

23-03-2023, 19:37

Bluetooth module to use with bluetooth speakers?
Lower cost?

Yeah ! I could be interested in !

Waiting for more news as possible

Van Bengalack

Paladin (747)

afbeelding van Bengalack

01-04-2023, 15:32

Happy to report that my Wozblaster has arrived here up in the northern part of the globe. A shoutout to @crisag who has been an impeccable seller (engineer), keeping me informed all the time, and especially when there were some hiccups with the customs in the country of origin. I'm a happy chap now Smile

I encourage more people to get this hardware and develop for it. I'm certainly working on OPL4 now, and it looks very promising!

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