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Door AnsiStar

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afbeelding van AnsiStar

12-01-2023, 17:06

Hi Folks!
Is there a nice Dungeon Crawler Adventure like DM for us?


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Van aoineko

Paragon (1132)

afbeelding van aoineko

12-01-2023, 18:17

Probably not exhaustive, but you can start your journey here: https://dungeoncrawlers.org/platforms/msx/year/


Enlighted (6976)

afbeelding van ARTRAG

12-01-2023, 18:57

Awesome site!

Van aoineko

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afbeelding van aoineko

12-01-2023, 21:55

I'm jealous... the C64 got a version of Eye of the Beholder (the all time best dungeon crawler imho).

Van st1mpy

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afbeelding van st1mpy

12-01-2023, 22:22

Madou monogatari and Dragon Knight are on that list but Chaos Angels is missing.

Van AnsiStar

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afbeelding van AnsiStar

13-01-2023, 11:51

Thank you! Maybe this could be something for
one of the next dev competitions? Greetings

Van JohnHassink

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afbeelding van JohnHassink

14-01-2023, 02:24

ARTRAG wrote:

Awesome site!

It sure is. But it's missing titles such as Green Crystal, and Outer Limits, which would most probably qualify to be on that list as well.

Van AxelStone

Prophet (3199)

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14-01-2023, 10:29

But once again the language is the problem: basically (almost) all games are in japanese, so very hard to play.