[WTS] Epson PC-286C PC-98 compatible

Door sdsnatcher73

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11-04-2023, 11:30

I have for sale this nice Epson PC-286C personal computer. Obviously it is not an MSX but as you will see in the pictures there is definitely some relation in the software released for this system. The computer has an AMD 80286 processor that can run at 6 or 10 MHz (most disk based games will run fine) and has 640kB RAM. It also sports 2 3.5” 2HD floppy disk drives. The machine has on board YM2203 sound (PC-9801-26K compatible) featuring 3 FM and 3 SSG channels. I find playing with these PC-98 computers quite enjoyable (almost as enjoyable as MSX Wink). And for the price of just €250 you’ll be able to play Illusion City and many more games from all the Japanese software houses that published on MSX as well!

If you are interested please send me an e-mail. The address is on my profile page. I will also assist you with getting the machine up and running.

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Van st1mpy

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11-04-2023, 11:58

Nice, I used to have it back in the day, I regret selling mine, nice machine.

Van sdsnatcher73

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11-04-2023, 17:15

Yeah I like it a lot, but I have too many now (as with MSX‘s Wink).

This one has been sold.