Info about MSX game "WEST" by M.Belardi

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Van LeandroCorreia

Paladin (963)

afbeelding van LeandroCorreia

08-12-2022, 04:42

The game is obviously Italian. Newsoft was a piratehouse that sold MSX games in the 80s in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (I bought lots of MSX games in there). What happened is that Newsoft guys sold game copies but first included their name on it. It was a common practice, I recall buying Star Dust and it also displayed Newsoft instead of Topo Soft.

Van thegeps

Paragon (1189)

afbeelding van thegeps

10-12-2022, 11:28

Here you can find almost all the MSX italian magazines (pirate ones included). Dumps and magazines' pdf too. You may find interesting the ones containing original software (developed both in basic and/or asm)

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