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24-08-2008, 18:30


im a Shmupplayer from Germany.hi love Shmups on many Systems.My new love is a Phillips NMX 8250 from Netherland.Big Thanks at Wolfgang Borrmann for his help Smile

Here is a Link from a jokeside with Flasvideos over me.You can see some private Things and my character with southpark animation.


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Van Gilneas2

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25-08-2008, 17:56

Nice collection.

Also cool to see some Touhou games on there. I only have a PC, and emulation is pretty difficult on Linux, so I've been playing these a lot in Wine. I think Raptor and Tyrian2k are shit. I think I tried out Blue Saber once but wasn't impressed and I don't like horizontal (Angeraze, Bike Banditz).

My favorite Touhou game (and shmup in general) is Mystic Square for PC98.
I have to play it in an emulator in Wine, so it's a bit slower, but this game is really amazing in my opinion. Everything looks/feels crisp clear, great controls (much nicer than the windows games) and the boss spellcards are really unique and well worked out. So give it a try some time.

Van PlasmaBlooD

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25-08-2008, 19:14

Thx Smile
For PC 98 is my favorite Rude Breake from Compile.Nice Music and many bullets Smile.