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Van sd_snatcher

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06-03-2009, 15:07

4) graphics are compressed

Yes, the scr5 graphics seem to be compressed with some kind of lzw. I'm not sure if that applies to the scr4 graphics (Like Space Manbow, the game uses scr4, then split the screen to scr5 for the score bar), but it seems those are not compressed.

For the compressed graphics, the game decompresses them in VRAM to use during the gameplay. This is when did I took a look at the VRAM, using the openMSX-debugger.

I don't know how to find compressed graphics so I just checked this to rule out the possibility of it having spaces between each letter.

Interesting algorithm!

Option 2 is one I forgot if you mean for instance an A having a LOWER value than a B.

It's a good idea to check it as this, but it will still be the option-3. The option-2 uses bit rotation inside the byte, so the value distance between the letters is not constant anymore. Konami loves this method. The hexeditor of Simple3 (Aka MegaAssembler) does this kind of search by default, returning an rotation offset that can be used as a parameter for the DISP command later. If you want, you could try it on some Konami 16KB or 32KB game to test, then later try it on PW.

Van Gilneas2

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27-03-2013, 15:15

I looked over my translation of talk mode again.
By the way the text at the start is:
MODE (sic)

when attacked
いたいよぉ - That hurts!
やめてよもぉ - Stop it already!
きゃん - Yowch!
しんじゃうでしょ! - That could kill me, you know!

when healing
ばりやあ - Barrier

when healing with barrier
ほいみぃだよん - I'm a Hoimi!
(Dragon Quest, healer enemy)

when using restart
めがまわるぅ - I feel dizzy

when using destroy all enemies
ちゅどん - Kaboom

when using fly (this one had wrong hiragana)
ふゆうじゅつ - Flight

Grabbing weapon upgrade after boss fight
ラッキー! - Lucky!
やったあ! - I did it!

Start of level (2+)
がんばりまっす - I'll do my best

Boss 1
あなたはだあれ - Who are you?
わたしが - I am
スーパーキマイラ・G - Super Chimera G
だょん - ! (cutesy speech)

Boss 2
あなたはだあれ - Who are you?
わたしのなまえは - My name is
サイドキックなんです - Side Kick

Boss 3
あなたはだあれ - Who are you?
このわたしが - I am
ワールド3のボス - World 3 Boss
(The development images say グレイシア - Glacier)
グレイウヤゃゃ - Glacieeer

Boss 4
あなたはだあれ - Who are you?
ダブルバイパーと - I am called
よばれています - Double Viper

Boss 5
(all the text is above Wired)
Wired: ワタシハワイヤード - I am Wired
Wired: セシルはここにはいない - Cecil is not here
Wired: よぉぉん - ! (cutesy speech)
(I think this text should maybe be above Lucia)
Wired/Lucia: だれにもいってないのになぜ - Why did I/it say that when no one asked?
Wired/Lucia: トークモードが - Did I/it notice
Wired/Lucia: ばれたんだろう? - she's/I'm using Talk Mode?

World 6 begin:
(がんばります - I'll do my best!)
Immediately after that she transforms
からだが - My body...

Transformation end
もとにもどっちゃったぁー - I returned to normal

(no boss talk)

After beating the boss
やったあ - I did it!

World 7
(no boss talk)

World 8
You: あっセシルだ! - Ah! Cecil!
Cecil: ちがいます - You're wrong.
You: セシル? でしょお - But you're Cecil, right?
Cecil: ちゅどん - Kaboom!
You: セシル! セシルぅ - Cecil! Cecil-!
Cecil: ミサイルはっしゃ - Firing missiles!

After walking to collapsed Cecil:
ラッキー - Lucky!

The other modes:
Boss 5 Normal/Maxup mode:
Wired: セシルヲ - If you want
Wired: スクイタクバ - to rescue
Wired: ワタシト - Cecil
Wired: タ.タ.カ.エ - FIGHT ME!
Wired: . . . . - ...
Wired: タ.タ.カ.エ - FIGHT ME!

Boss 8 Normal/Maxup mode:
Lucia: セシル! - Cecil!
Lucia: セシルじゃないの? - Aren't you Cecil?
Cecil: . . . . - ...
Lucia: セシルどうしたの? - What's wrong, Cecil?
Cecil: . . . . - ...

Van Gilneas2

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27-03-2013, 15:17

Oops something got gobbled up, I can't edit:
At the start it says:
(< before those)

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