HD Image for the Beer IDE interface

por gdx em 16-12-2020, 14:49

This Zip contains a bootable HD Image of 4 partitions with MiSiX installed for the Beer IDE interface.

This image can be used to initialize an Compact-Flash with BEERIDE.EXE or to emulate the Beer IDE interface on OpenMSX.
Copy hd.dsk to the ~/persistent/Beer_IDE/untitled1 folder of OpenMSX for example.

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Comentários (3)

Por st1mpy

Paladin (897)

imagem de st1mpy

28-07-2022, 20:19

How big is the whole disk image (what size CF is this for)?

Por Manuel

Ascended (19227)

imagem de Manuel

29-07-2022, 00:28

Check the readme file that comes with it:


HD.DSK is an hard-disk image from an 128MB Compact-Flash (4 partitions with
MiSiX installed and bootable) for the Beer IDE interface v2.02 (firmware v1.9).

You can import it to a 128MB Compact-Flash (not tested with larger CF) using
BEERIDE.EXE by renaming the "DSK" extension by "DMP". .

This hard-disk image can be used on OpenMSX to emulate the Beer IDE interface.
Copy hd.dsk to the ~/persistent/Beer_IDE/untitled1 folder.

Warning: Do not mount it under MacOS above v.10.6 (Snow Leopard) because they
modifiy the partitions table without warning.

Por st1mpy

Paladin (897)

imagem de st1mpy

30-07-2022, 21:55

I renamed the hd.dsk to hd.dmp. When I do the Load Dump on BeerIDE 202 tool, it only shows 2 partitions and they are empty...