Selling my MSX Konami games collection. (> 150 different items)

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Por journey

Hero (577)

imagem de journey

23-09-2010, 09:19

Hi Leo,
I made offers for some games, but i'm not able to make my maximum bid for ALL games i'm interested in, beacuse is a LOT of money
if you like all my offers, ok
but if you like only one or two offers, I can concentrate my bid on these games.
So, if you can, you could say me for which games my offers are near your taste?..

Thanx! Smile

Por Hydlide

Master (171)

imagem de Hydlide

23-09-2010, 10:42

placed some bids too. Going to introduce the boys to the MSX gaming experience.. *digs out old MSX and games*

Por BeauDiGi

Expert (72)

imagem de BeauDiGi

13-12-2010, 21:52

Hi Leo,

Every thing sold?
Or still some games I can buy...

Por Sander

Founder (1872)

imagem de Sander

13-12-2010, 23:01

I think you should check out his website mentioned in the first post.. I guess everything that's not marked as sold is still available...

Por LeoM

Master (229)

imagem de LeoM

14-12-2010, 15:59

Hello BeauDiGi,
Sander is right, there are still items available. You can find them on

If you are interested, you can place a bid, and who knows...

Por Bastiaan

Champion (333)

imagem de Bastiaan

15-12-2010, 12:32

it might help if your "auction" would be more transparant.

there is no minimal price visible, nor a highest bid /price to beat.... Crying
Not even the price the item is sold for.

Por Flying_Phoenix

Supporter (13)

imagem de Flying_Phoenix

27-12-2010, 15:57

How much did you get for the Vampire Killer sample?

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