Memorable places to a MSX be! (Movies, Mir Space Station, etc.)

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Por Guillian

Prophet (3516)

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11-06-2020, 21:48

In the film "El Orfanato" a HB-75P is shown:

Full image

Also you can see a ZX Spectrum +2

Por Pac

Scribe (6964)

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07-04-2022, 20:13

More good quality images from the Mir Space Station where the MSX is displayed. Just open the links by igochan user (see bottom).

Por Briqunullus

Hero (642)

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07-04-2022, 20:57

Was there more than one MSX on board?

Por DamnedAngel

Champion (262)

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12-04-2022, 03:46

Wow... I love "El Orfanato" (btw, I strongly recommend the movie), but I haven't noticed the detail.

I guess I will have to rewatch it now. Smile.

Thanks for sharing the finding!

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