Sonyc MSX (People Wanted)

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Por Tirabol

Master (199)

imagem de Tirabol

20-09-2011, 10:45

Hi everyone!

I suppose many already know this great game. For those who do not, you can inform on this link:

This great game was made by Manuel Pazos, I have been in contact with him because I like to have it in cartridge with his box (and you know that Manu is a professional making boxes for the games)LOL!.

Well, the point is that for an order from one, it is very expensive for all, and he have proposed me that if more people interested in buying the game (the minimum needed is 20), he can sell the complete game (cartridge, box and instructions) for 25 euros. Shipping costs separately.

In spanish forum we are already 11 people (20/09/11 at 10:45 a.m.).

Who else is interested in buying the game:-?

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Por jltursan

Prophet (2619)

imagem de jltursan

20-09-2011, 14:04

A "new" hi-specs cartridge?, count with me. There aren't too many games like this in MSX.

Por Lazzeri

Champion (280)

imagem de Lazzeri

20-09-2011, 19:07

For that quoted price, I'm in!

Por edoz

Prophet (2501)

imagem de edoz

20-09-2011, 20:50

me to!

Por Repair-Bas

Paragon (1176)

imagem de Repair-Bas

20-09-2011, 22:45

I want it tooCool

Por dvik

Prophet (2200)

imagem de dvik

20-09-2011, 23:04

I also want it.

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

imagem de anonymous

21-09-2011, 10:48

Me too!

Por Moniz

Champion (401)

imagem de Moniz

21-09-2011, 13:53

I've pleayed the game yesterday and I liked it! So.. count me in!

Por PingPong

Enlighted (4155)

imagem de PingPong

21-09-2011, 20:22

Can we have a blocky scrolling msx1 version? (MaSaXi) Tongue Wink

Por boss_msx

Champion (415)

imagem de boss_msx

21-09-2011, 21:31

I'm always stuck in level 1...but hey, why not; I'm in!

Por hbarcellos

Hero (649)

imagem de hbarcellos

21-09-2011, 23:24

Im in if he produces a Muffie compilation on a cart too!
Who else wants that???????!!!!!!!



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