For sale 2* Victor HC-90, Sony HB+HBI 900, MSX2plus etc

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Por Sander

Founder (1873)

imagem de Sander

21-10-2011, 11:47

Currently I have to part with some items to make room for some new ones:

1 Victor HC-90 Turbo MSX2 with Z180 compatible processor, digitizer etc. new in box with all cables, manuals and original software (including detailed info about the extra processor etc.). Complete, original and works. Asking price is around 499 euros plus shipping.

1 Victor HC-90 without keyboard but with nms 8250 or 8280 keyboard interface (also works in turbo mode). Has new pc diskdrive. Now on Ebay.

[SOLD] 1 Sony HB F1XD MSX 2. Loose. Asking price is 60 euros plus shipping.

[SOLD] 1 Sony HB F1XDJ MSX2+ in box. Asking price is 175 euros plus shipping

[SOLD] 1 Sony HB-900 plus HBI-900 digitizer (Japanese, black versions). Asking price is 475 euro plus shipping.

1 Sanyo PHC70FD MSX2+. Now on Ebay.

[SOLD] 1 SVI robotarm with interface card. Set has all the parts except one of the two joystick cables. Can be made easely or ordered with Repairbas (I think). Asking price is 70 euros with shipping.

[SOLD] 1 NMS8250 in box, asking price is 125 euros.

1 Sanyo PHC 30N. Z key doesn't seem to work. For collectors or handy repairman only. Make me an offer. Looks great.

[SOLD] 1 Casio PV-7 loose, without an adapter, make me an offer

1 Yamaha SFG-05 sound module - complete in box, make me an offer

1 Yamaha SFG-01 sound module - complete in box, modified to SFG-05 bios, but soundchip is also changed to correct version. Make me an offer.

And no, I'm not quitting. Just selling some doubles (really).

If you want to contact me it's my username @ this domain ;-).

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Por Sd-Snatcher

Hero (582)

imagem de Sd-Snatcher

21-10-2011, 15:53

Hi, im interested in the robot arm with interface.

Por daniel683104

Paragon (1263)

imagem de daniel683104

22-10-2011, 13:40

Interested on the philips NMS8250. Please sent info and pictures to dcorreaib at Thanks

Por cklayman

Champion (294)

imagem de cklayman

22-10-2011, 14:48

I am also interested in the robot arm. So if Sd-Snatcher does not like something, I can buy it. My username is octopus77.

Por msxholder

Champion (399)

imagem de msxholder

22-10-2011, 15:35

I want Victor .

Por Anddretb

Rookie (18)

imagem de Anddretb

22-10-2011, 18:39

Please Sander, Interested on the Sanyo 70FD .. send me photos to anddretb at gmail ... please ...Smile

Por kwilting

Expert (80)

imagem de kwilting

23-10-2011, 10:42

Hi Sander, email inbound about the Casio PV-7

Por Manuel

Ascended (19691)

imagem de Manuel

23-10-2011, 16:09

Some of these would be really interesting to get more info about, for emulation purposes... Sander, are you willing to help with that?

Por Sander

Founder (1873)

imagem de Sander

23-10-2011, 21:05

Emulation kills..

Por sgego

Rookie (22)

imagem de sgego

24-10-2011, 19:58

Thanks You Very Much!

Por Manuel

Ascended (19691)

imagem de Manuel

24-10-2011, 22:28


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