Nemesis 2 vs Salamander

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Por Ivan

Ascended (9373)

imagem de Ivan

03-02-2004, 11:48


Probably this question is for a poll...

In your opinion which one of them is better? Both games are for MSX1, SCC, 1Mbit and from 1987.

I have discarded Nemesis 1 (no SCC sound and from 1986) and Nemesis 3 (1988 and a lot of people don't like its graphics, quite different from previous games of the Nemesis saga).

What do you think?

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Por edoz

Prophet (2501)

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03-02-2004, 11:57

I like Salamander. But it is a very dificult game.

Por Jazzy

Champion (472)

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03-02-2004, 12:17

For some reason I like Salamander the most but don't ask me why. Actualy, these are the only 2 games I play at the moment. Isn't that a wast of my GT? Wink

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

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03-02-2004, 12:54

Nemesis 2 .. it's a little easier to play, so it encourages to play it more often than Salamander , where I still die in the scars in level 1 Smile imo, a proper gameplay involves that a game is playable for beginners as well, and Nemesis 2 is more playable for beginners than Salamander..

Played Nemesis 3 close to the end tho, where you fly inside that screen-size bossmonster.. (was it level 10?)

Por evulopah

Paladin (669)

imagem de evulopah

03-02-2004, 13:01

mmmh, something in my mind says Nemesis 2 cause of the nice SCC music. It was also the first scc sounds I ever heard.

It is also my scc cartridge with scc-switch!!

So the winner is Nemesis 2 Tongue

Por ro

Scribe (5063)

imagem de ro

03-02-2004, 13:35

no doubt: salamander!

Por Rafol

Resident (58)

imagem de Rafol

03-02-2004, 13:38

Nemesis 2 has better music compositions, and graphics are cool, more than Salamander in my opinion. When I played them, long ago, I prefered Nemesis 2, and Nemesis 3 was a big dissapointment.
Nemesis 2 was the first cartridge I bought, and the best one,I like especially the end music of Nemesis 2. Go James Burton!!! 8)

Por karloch

Prophet (2159)

imagem de karloch

03-02-2004, 13:38

I think that Salamander is one of the best MSX 1 games ever. Nemesis 2 is a very good game, but Salamander multiplayer capabilities add much more fun if you play with another player. But as most of people know, you can't get the good ending of Salamander if you don't have Nemesis 2 at slot 2 while playing it. With that, you can play the final stage of Nemesis 2 with Salamander ships and weapons (and second player too!) and defeat Venom, the true enemy of the game.

Conclusion: The best is both of them combined: Salamander (slot 1) + Nemesis 2 (slot 2) Wink

Por wolf_

Ambassador_ (10135)

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03-02-2004, 13:47

Nemesis 3 is kinda underrated imo ..

Por anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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03-02-2004, 13:53

I don't care much for multi-player games. Although I did have some fun playing 2-player Salamander, everyone I played with was less good than I was. They merely served as a way for me to power up my special weapons, before they reached GAME OVER. Tongue

Salamander is great, also the vertical stages are very cool. BUT I will have to choose Nemesis 2, definitely!

Maybe it's nostalgia, because it's the first Nemesis I played and the first time I heard SCC music, but what I like about Nemesis 2 is mainly the music and the huge amount of special weapons you can collect from enemy bosses.

Nemesis 2 0wns Salamander Tongue

BTW, talking about different graphics, I think generally Nemesis 3 is more in style with the rest of the nemesis titles than Salamander.

Por Ivan

Ascended (9373)

imagem de Ivan

03-02-2004, 16:34

I suggest this question as megapoll (something like Solid Snake vs SD-Snatcher).

My opinion is that Nemesis 2 would win; it was the first SCC cartridge and an excellent shooter for its time, despite it hasn't got the "Dual play" mode that is present in Salamander.

I prefer also the whole game with horizontal stages instead of mixing horizontal and vertical stages like in Salamander, but probably here we all have our own criteria.

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